Westpac Personal Loans NZ

Previously known as the Bank of New South Wales, Westpac Bank is currently serving over 14 million customers across Australia and New Zealand. Having operated for over 200 years now, you can rest assured that the financial services and products you receive are high quality and tailored to your preferences. Westpac personal loans in NZ can be a reliable way of getting additional funds for anything you might need!

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Personal Loan Calculator
westpac personal loans nz

Why Choose Westpac Personal Loans in NZ?

Westpac offers great benefits for people choosing them for their personal loan needs. Their process is fast, informing you of their decision within 48 hours. When approved, you are also provided flexible repayment options, allowing you to pay fortnightly or monthly payments on your loan.

Under a personal loan from Westpac, you can borrow up to $50,000 though they may be able to lend you more depending on your circumstances.  Standard loan terms can also last from 6 months to 5 years.

If you’re interested in getting a clearer idea of how your repayments would go, you can use Westpac Loan Calculator for an accurate estimate to help you plan.

What Loans can I get from Westpac?

Car Loans

Finance a new vehicle purchase with the help of Westpac! Whether you’re looking to buy your first set of wheels or upgrading to a car that can take the family on the best road trips in the country, Westpac car loans can offer you a competitive and flexible option for your car purchase.

Wedding Loans

Planning for your big day? Get a competitive option for financing all aspects of your dream wedding with Westpac wedding loans!

Travel Loans

Get fast access to funds in a pinch while you’re travelling. Stretch your travel budget further with the help of Westpac travel loans.

Home Renovation Loans

Thinking of upgrading your living space? Get the necessary budget with a Westpac home renovation loan! Check out your competitive loan options and take a step closer to your dream home today.

Education Loans

Upskill and learn more without worrying about the cost of higher or additional education. Try Westpac’s education loans and get the funding that you need to pursue your goals.

Boat and Marine Loans

Planning on buying a new boat or perhaps repairing or renovating an old one? Boat maintenance and upkeep isn’t cheap, but Westpac’s boat and marine loans can help you with the expenses. Get fast access to those funds under flexible terms today.

Medical Loans

Got medical costs you need to cover? Health is wealth and Westpac medical loans may just provide the boost in your funding to cover all your medical expenses for a stronger, healthier you.

Debt Consolidation Loans

Gather multiple debts and pay them off with ease! Westpac debt consolidation loans make it easy to pay off multiple loans by saving you the hassle of tracking down individual interests, fees, and stressful deadlines.

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Westpac applies a 13.90% interest rate for all personal loans, with rates subject to change.

Other fees you may want to keep in mind when signing up with Westpac are:

  • A $100 Establishment and documentation fee
  • $10 for a Loan payment failed fee
  • Additional 5% default interest for overdue payment
  • On the other hand, there are no charges for early repayment or lump sum payments with Westpac.

Simply use Westpac One online banking within your accounts screen. In case you’re unable to view your account or cannot access Westpac One, you can call the team at 0800 177 277 every weekdays from 8am to 6pm, or every Saturday between 9am and 3pm.