Adulting 101: Power Bill Payment Options In NZ

Date May 12, 2021
Blog category Power
By Staff Writer

Part of being a responsible adult is paying for the electricity bills that are sent to us each month. Of course, there's no better way to deal with this duty than to pay them right away. Except, well, it's usually easier said that done. Paying our monthly bills can be such a hassle sometimes. More often than not, we forget to pay before their due dates, or we're just too lazy to do so. 

Luckily, with the help of modern technology and power companies who continue to improve their services, there are now many options to pay your power bills so you're sure you'll never miss them, and avoid the horror of paying for late payments and other fees.

Avoid missing a due date again and learn how to pay your power bills both online and offline with these payment options in NZ!

Disclaimer: the availability of these payment options and services may still vary depending on your power provider.


Via Mobile App

Today, most NZ power providers including Genesis Energy and Contact Energy have developed an app to help and provide more services to their customers conveniently. Besides checking your bill and asking queries, you can use the app to check your monthly electricity bill and pay by credit or debit card. Since they will need your card information for paying, make sure to monitor your transactions each time, log out after use, and use a strong password to avoid any troubles.

Via Auto-pay or Auto-debit

Here's an option that will free you from your monthly responsibility. With auto-pay or auto-debit, you will automatically be charged for your monthly bills out of your chosen bank account. You may also set up a recurring payment from your credit or debit card. Just note that you may be charged a processing fee if you choose this option. The bill is always paid before or on the due date, so that's one less thing to worry about.

Via Internet Banking

Most banks in New Zealand have mobile apps that provide convenient services such as bills payment. These banks have partnered with different utility companies that allow their customers to pay bills directly through the app. Check your bank's app to see it they have the option to pay for your power provider. Make sure you have your Power bill with you so you can easily set up the payment details on the banking app.

This option is also good if you're not yet ready for the auto-pay option as it allows you to pay whenever it fits you, as long as it's on or before your bill's due date, of course.

Over the phone

Call your power provider to pay for your bills with your card! Another old-school type of payment option, phone banking allows you to pay your bills whenever and wherever you are. Just contact your power provider to know more about this option.

Of course, the caveat is that over the phone payments using your card are not that secure as all these other payment options.

Pay in person

If you're old school and still prefer to pay the traditional way, you can always opt for over-the-counter payment by heading to any New Zealand PostShop or other accredited bill payment centers. Make sure to bring your power bill with you. Also, this payment option requires you to pay $1.40 for the payment admin fee.

Additional tips:

Now that you know all these payment options, here are some other services to check to make your payment even more convenient.

Get your bills via email.

An additional reminder doesn't hurt. Most power providers today give their customers an option to get their bills by email. Not only is it free, but it's also a great way to help save paper. You may contact your power provider to request online bills by email.

Choose your payment date.

If you get your bills at a tricky date every month, some providers like Meridian Energy provide an option for their customers to choose their payment date each month. You can choose a date close to when you get your monthly salary to help you budget your money.

Choose your billing period.

Another great way to manage your expenses is by comparing your monthly power bills. This can be difficult if your usage period doesn't match the calendar month so if you have a smart meter, have it measure your usage on the last day of every month instead.

Paying on time and utilizing your power provider's services are great, but it's even better when you're on the right power plan! If you think your current plan or provider doesn't match your needs and budget any longer, no worries! With our comparison tool, you can easily compare plans from NZ's leading power providers based on your needs, budget, and location.

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