Power Bundles in NZ

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The idea of combining energy is popular among customers. Getting a power bundle is a convenient way to simplify different home services like electricity and gas. Aside from energy, you can also bundle your power and broadband plan as a part of the same package. Setting up bundled utilities can save you money and make it a lot easier for you to track your expenses. 

If you’re looking to bundle your electricity, gas or broadband, you can compare deals using our energy comparison tool here at Comparebear!

Why compare energy plans?

Setting up a bundled plan comes with fewer billing at the end of the month. However, this can change based on your location. In most cases, you’ll receive a single monthly bill that contains your energy consumption. This allows you to pay for two or more services at once! Plus, it’s considerably cheaper and more practical to contact a single provider if you encounter problems with your utilities.

Best of all, you can enjoy promotional rates, promo codes, and other discounts offered by leading energy providers offer.

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You can visit CompareBear and compare power packages that best suits your needs, wants, and requirements.

It’s best to compare prices, right here at CompareBear to get more affordable prices. We have an easy-to-use energy comparison tool that provides you with the cheapest electricity rates in New Zealand.

If you’re on a tight budget and would like to get a power plan, opt for a prepay power plan.

Most energy companies offer bundle plans for broadband and gas — one way to save more on your monthly bills!