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When it comes to electricity, Comtricity uses an innovative model. They can be purchased at low prices, backed by a trusted customer service support. They also donate a part of their profit to local charities, schools, and community organisations of your choice upon signing up.

We'll make the switch to Comtricity as quickly as possible. We're committed to helping Kiwis get the best utility rates tailored to their needs.

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Why sign up with Comtricity?

Comtricity is a New Zealand-owned and managed run company with a strong commitment to assisting its customers. They also work to empower local communities to ensure that you are well taken care of.

Switching to Comtricity is simple. You’re not required to notify your previous supplier before you switch. Comtricity takes care of everything for you!

Comtricity Plans

Essentials Plan

This is ideal for Kiwi households where only one to three individuals live. It's a cost-effective plan matched to the typical consumption patterns of a typical Kiwi household.

Choices Plans

This is a great plan if you have at least four people in your house and use roughly 10,000 kWh each year. While the rates are slightly more expensive than the Essentials Plan, they’re still better priced for a large group. The delivery of high-quality electricity is also factored into the pricing.

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Comtricity FAQs

The rates vary depending on the amount of power consumed. Businesses are expected to use more than residential properties. By using Comtricity's address checker, you can find out if they can provide energy to your business or home. Because of the location or metering design, they may not be able to supply electricity at all times.

Comtricity NZ offers fair and inexpensive prices on all of their plans, rather than offering prompt payment discounts.

You’re free to switch in and out as you please without being charged penalty fees.