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Contact Energy Power Plans

Contact Energy are one of the largest power generators and retailers in New Zealand. They provide electricity, natural gas and LPG to over 550,000 customers across the country.

Contact Energy generate power innovatively through a series of power stations located throughout NZ. As well as this, they’re known to give great customer service. Through useful feedback and innovative power generation, they are able to produce a greener and better energy for Kiwis.

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Why Choose Contact Energy?

Why sign up with Contact Energy?

Contact Energy are a reputable company, having gained the trust of thousands of Kiwis across NZ. They achieved this by combining cheap power plans along with exceptional customer care.

The good news for rural Kiwis is that Contact Energy have power plans for even the most remote areas. As they’re an established company with plenty of connections, they provide some of the widest coverage in NZ – giving heaps of Kiwis the chance to take advantage of their great deals.

Is Contact Energy the right provider for you?

Affordable plans, great service, and wide coverage – if you’re looking for these things, Contact Energy might just be the right provider for you.

As they aim to provide first-class service to their customers, contacting them is made easy. You can get in touch with them through their email, website or mobile phone app. Calling their toll-free 0800 hotline number is only encouraged if the concern is urgent (like a power outage).

Types of Contact Energy Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Simple Plan

Contact Energy aim to provide a simple power solution for Kiwis, which is why they named this the “Simple Plan”. It comes with no contract and no break frees, which is ideal for renters or those who move often. The Simple Plan also has transparent billing, so you can rest assured that you’ll only be charged for what you use.

Plans with Rewards

Contact Energy, as a company, want Kiwis to score big discounts by signing up with them. Upon signing up to a fixed term plan, you can take advantage of their extra perks which includes credit discounts and an entire month of free energy! Another benefit is you can   that you purchased with them.

Contact Energy FAQ

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Yes! As a power generator, Contact Energy aim to harness electricity in the cleanest way possible. They only resort to non-renewable energy when supplies run out.

They do! You can download it on the App Store for IOS devices or Google Playstore for Android devices. Just search for Contact Energy.

My Contact Energy enables you to manage all of your Contact billing online. This includes billing for all your different utilities, such as electricity, gas and broadband.

We’ve made it quick and easy to score the best deals from Contact Energy! Simply enter your basic details (like your address and current provider, if any) into our comparison tool, and we’ll pull up the best power deals in your area. You can do it all here CompareBear today!