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Ecotricity NZ

Ecotricity produces 100% of its electricity from renewable energy. They use hydro, wind, and solar power to provide customers with clean, reliable, and cost-effective electricity. Dedicated to clean energy, they also encourage their customers to switch to electric vehicles.

If you’re looking for a committed power supplier to cleaner and greener lifestyle, look no further and choose Ecotricity today. Compare their prices here at CompareBear and find the right power plan for you!

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Why sign up with Ecotricity?

Ecotricity helps with sustainable living by tailoring ecoANYTIME, ecoWHOLESALE, ecoSaver, and LowUser plans to both residential and commercial properties. They provide plans that are both low-cost and high-quality.

Benefits of choosing Ecotricity Power

Due to weather conditions, the prices of certain commodities such as can spike. This is why it’s important to you switch to one of their ecoANYTIME plans. They use hydro, wind, and solar to generate their power and reduce carbon emissions.

With Ecotricity NZ, they send you SMS and emails when electricity prices go up. This can helps you prepare for the energy price increase.

Ecotricity Power Plans

Residential plans

This plan is ideal for those who don’t want long term contracts and no monthly fees. It is also suitable for households with little or no maintenance.


Ecotricity can pre-set electricity consumption emissions for businesses. This is an advantageous way to reduce their carbon footprint. With EcoWHOLESALE, you can save up to 19% on your energy costs.

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Ecotricity FAQs

You need a smart meter to get the most out of your electricity and other benefits. With a smart meter, you don’t need a meter reader to record your monthly electricity consumption. Your electricity consumption is recorded through data transmission from the smart meter to Ecotricity’s portal.

You can also change plans when you have major changes in your lifestyle or circumstances, such as buying an EV or moving out of your home, which may spike up prices.

Ecotricity NZ offers competitive prices and transparent deals that indicates exactly what you’re paying for. They offer realistic deals with competitive prices from the get-go, so you know how you can save money on your plan.