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Electric Kiwi Power Plans

Electric Kiwi are an independent digital electricity company, ready to shake the status quo of power in New Zealand. As a company, they believe that Kiwis should do less, but get more with their power.

Back in 2014, Electric Kiwi saw that plenty of smart meters were being rolled out in NZ, but few providers were doing anything smart with them! They saw this as an opportunity to grow their offerings, so that New Zealanders could benefit from cheaper, smarter, and easy to manage power.

Sign up to an Electric Kiwi power plan at CompareBear today! See how and why Electric Kiwi were named as the fastest-growing electricity retailer in NZ in 2018.

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Why Choose Electric Kiwi?

Why sign up with Electric Kiwi?

Electric Kiwi may be a small company, but they’re one of the smartest in New Zealand. Upon signing up with them, you’ll be introduced to new technological ways of using power like never before.

Electric Kiwi’s power plans change in real-time. This means that you’ll get the best plans at the best prices no matter when you sign up with them. Through their app, you can also track your electricity usage and enjoy their smart-saving tips on how to make the most of your power.

Is Electric Kiwi the right provider for you?

Electric Kiwi not only offer smart power plans; they also guarantee that you’ll save money in the first year with them! And if you don’t, they’ll give a credit to make sure you do.

Another great benefit is their daily “Electric Kiwi Hour of Power”. It gives you the choice to pick an off-peak hour of power to use all the electricity you want for free! This gives you the opportunity to budget your power in a more personalised way.

Types of Electric Kiwi Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Kiwi Plan

The Kiwi Plan is the simplest offering of Electric Kiwi. This is a no-contract plan, so you can exit whenever you want – no commitment whatsoever. It comes with affordable rates too, so you can enjoy a straightforward plan without sacrificing on cost.

Loyal Kiwi Plan

Electric Kiwi value - and reward - your loyalty to their company. If you commit to a year-long plan, you’ll be offered better rates upon signing up. While you might not be a fan of a fixed term commitment, there isn’t actually a contract! They’ll take your word for it, so there won’t be any break frees charged if you decide to exit halfway through.

Stay Ahead 200 Plan

As a thank you for paying your power in advance, Electric Kiwi will reward you every time you top up your account with $200. For each top-up, you’ll get an extra $20 of credit that will reflect on your next bill.

Electric Kiwi FAQ

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Yes! Since Electric Kiwi’s power is sourced through the national grid, so the majority of the power that reaches your household comes from renewable sources.

Contacting Electric Kiwi is easy, as they have a live chat available on their website. It’s a stress-free option, as you know that you’re talking to a real person who’s there to resolve your concerns. You can also request a callback if necessary, anytime between 9am to 5pm during weekdays.

They do! Electric Kiwi designed their app so you can easily monitor the electricity rate hourly, as well as your own power usage. You can also utilise the app to schedule your free hour of power to when it suits you best.

Electric Kiwi can supply power to most areas in New Zealand (even in the wop wops!) If you want to know if they have services available in your area, simply enter your address when you use the CompareBear power comparison tool.