Compare energy providers in NZ!

CompareBear shows a catalogue of cheap and trustworthy retailers, offering power bundles regardless throughout New Zealand.

We understand how difficult it is to find services that meet both your demands and budget. With the help of our comparison tool, you can be confident to receive the best and most efficient energy plan based on your preferences.

If you have any questions about the offered deals in your area, please contact our customer service team, right here at CompareBear.

Why compare energy plans?

Switching and upgrading to a different supplier can be difficult due to the market's rising electricity pricing.

The great thing is, CompareBear is here to select the best plan for your needs! Our comparison tool is straightforward and simple to use. Whether you need low or regular power, you can always find something to meet your budget.

Searching for energy plans takes time as not all power retailers are available in all places. With our comparison tool, you get personalised results in a matter of seconds. Simply enter your address, and we'll show you the options in your area.

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You can compare energy providers using our easy-to-use energy comparison service.

Before you get started, we ask several questions that will help us tailor your results. Provide us with your current provider, the number of occupants piped gas connection and your power usage monthly. Once you’re done, you can choose from the list of available energy providers in your area.

To save money on your bills, it's wise to compare costs using our energy comparison tool. It's a simple comparison tool that shows you the most affordable power rates in New Zealand.

Yes, but billing is based on how your electricity is metered. If you have a meter that is not connected to your landlord or apartment building, you must pay your power bill directly. If your electricity is metered by your landlord or building, you may bundle in your rent or transmit it from your landlord.

Most energy providers allow you to pay your bill online. This is typically accomplished using your retailer's web gateway, credit card, or direct debit through your bank.

In general, reading a smart or digital meter is much easier than reading an analogue meter. Simply read the usage number that appears on the screen of your device. You can check your total electricity usage, off-peak consumption (if available), and how much solar power you've utilised by scrolling the screen. 

Your energy provider may also have an online portal, where you can log in to view your energy usage patterns. Your personal information and data will be kept private.