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Energy Online Power Plans

Energy Online are a New Zealand owned power company committed to making power simple for you. They offer great prices for electricity and gas, without tying you up in a contract.

Energy Online’s power plans are very popular among Kiwis Over 80,000 customers have already signed with them, and these numbers continue to grow thanks to their straightforward power plans and awesome perks.

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Why Choose Energy Online?

Why sign up with Energy Online?

If you don't want any contracts with your power plan, you should consider signing up with Energy Online because there are no cancellation fees either. You can leave anytime without paying a single penny. If you’re always on-the-go, you’ll love the power plans that Energy Online have to offer.

Great customer satisfaction!

Energy Online also take pride in their numerous customer satisfaction awards. In three consecutive years from 2011-2013, they received the Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award. This speaks volumes about their dedicated customer-driven service for Kiwis across the country.

Types of Energy Online Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price per Kwh 2020

Standard User Plan

The Standard User Plan is ideal for those living in a large flat or house where multiple people are using the internet.

Low User Plan

If you’re living in a small home, or you’re incredibly thrifty with your power, a low user plan might work for you. This is a great saving option in Kiwi homes with 2 or less occupants, as you’ll only be consuming small amounts of power.

Energy Online FAQ

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Energy Online generate a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy; however, power coming from non-renewable sources is generated at a minimum amount.

Absolutely! In under five minutes, you can switch your Energy Online power to your new home. To find out if they have services in your new area, simply enter your address into our online comparison tool.

Energy Online’s power plans need no fancy benefits! With no contracts, no exit charges, there’s plenty to enjoy with Energy Online!