Energy Online

Energy Online is a retail power provider under Genesis Energy Company, established in2002. They deliver power, natural, and bottled gas to customers throughout New Zealand.

There are several benefits that come with signing to an Energy Online plan, including competitive prices and no-contract options, plus, discounts, deals and special offers as a 'thank you' gift for subscribing to their services. 

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Why sign up with Energy Online?

Energy Online rates

Energy Online offers two simple plans for each service that you choose. You can select between Low and Standard user rate based on the number of occupants and overall power usage at home.

Energy Online No Fixed Term

Energy Online power plans offer flexible options to their customers with no exit fees, which means you can cancel your current plan at any time. If, however, you wish to give it another try, you can always sign up again and fill out the online form with your details.

Energy Online Products


Energy Online offers affordable power rates depending on your power consumption at a certain time of the day.

Natural Gas

For your space and water heating at home, you can opt for Energy Online’s natural gas plans between their Daily and Variable rates, available in most parts of NZ.

LPG Bottled Gas

For homes without access to natural gas, you can go for an LPG bottled gas plan with Energy Online starting at $115 per bottle a month.

Power Package

Save on your power monthly with Energy Online’s Dual Fuel LPG Bottled Gas Plan at $99 per bottle. Save $16 per refill on the standard price of $115.

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Energy Online offers flexible payments which include partial payment of your bill each month. This means that your balance will be carried over to your next monthly bill and continue if you don't pay the full amount each month.

You can reach out to Energy Online's customer representative so you can get assistance with your medical dependency grant. You will be given a medical dependency form to be filled out by your health practitioner.

Some offers are limited depending on the occasion so make sure that you subscribe to Energy Online's newsletter to receive updates.

You should hire a gas fitter who will inspect, install, and maintain gas lines and equipment at your home. Once your delivery has taken place, Energy Online will deliver and connect your bottled gas right away.