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Flick Electric Power Plans

Flick Electric aim to provide honest and fair power services to Kiwis throughout New Zealand. Their journey started in 2014 when two Wellingtonians decided that it was time for a change in the industry.

As their company is built towards change, Flick Electric have significantly changed the way Kiwis connect to power in just over 6 years! They are also a certified CarboNZero company with a good record as an inclusive and fair employer.

Sign up to a Flick Electric power plan through CompareBear today! Check out some of their best offerings that cater to a range of electricity needs.

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Why Choose Flick Electric?

Why sign up with Flick Electric?

Feeling sick and tired of power companies taking advantage of your money? Then it’s best to switch your power to Flick Electric!

Flick Electric’s power plans not only offer fair prices, but they come with lots of quirks and innovations too. They want the power to be in your hands, which is why they offer a variety of options for customisation and personalisation of your electricity.

Is Flick Electric the right provider for you?

If you’re after lots of options and benefits for your power, Flick Electric might be the right provider for you.

Once you sign up, they’ll provide a transparent estimate of what you’ll likely pay, so there’s no surprises when you receive your bill. For those who live in areas where on-peak and off-peak hour exists, they also factor in your most average and most common meter configurations.

Types of Flick Electric Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Freestyle Plan

Looking for a plan that has real-time pricing options? Then Flick Electric’s Freestyle plan is for you! The prices refresh every 30 minutes, as reflected by the real-time changes of wholesale market power prices - so you know you’re always getting the best prices around.


If you’re not a fan of prices changing frequently, you can purchase Flick Electric’s FIXIE plan. Upon signing up, you’ll get a secured fixed price for 6 months; so you won’t have to deal with high charges if the wholesale price skyrockets.

Flick Electric FAQ

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Flick Electric gives you complete freedom to choose the source of your power. On the Flick app, select CHOICE to calibrate the exact mix of renewable and non-renewable energy that you want for your household power.

No – they’re a customer-driven company that only want the best and most honest deals for you.

They do – and it’s one of the most comprehensive in NZ. They developed the app so you can get constant updates on current power prices, as well as the ability to choose the mix of power running in your home.

Flick Electric offer great tools through their app! Upon signing up, you can do plenty with their app, from monitoring prices to customising the power in your home.