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Genesis Energy Power Plans

Genesis Energy are one of the most diversified power companies in New Zealand. They generate and provide electricity, natural gas, and LPG to most parts of the North and South Islands.

Genesis have over 500,000 active customers, so it’s no wonder that they pride themselves on being ‘New Zealand’s largest energy retailer.’ As a company, they focus on generating energy from renewable sources, which is why a lot of Kiwis love their service.

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Why Choose Genesis Energy?

Why sign up with Genesis Energy?

Want to go big on extras with your power plan, but without any commitment? Genesis Energy’s power plans are the perfect choice!

Although they’re one of the largest providers in New Zealand, Genesis Energy offers comprehensive no contract plans and perks like FlyBuys points, power shouts, fuel deals, and free credits – all this without the big price tag!

Is Genesis Energy the Right Provider for You?

Do you want no compromises in your power plan, but without spending a fortune? Genesis Energy offer some of the lowest rates in New Zealand!

Genesis Energy charges start at around $2 per day for their standard power pricing (prices vary depending on the market). Not only this, you’ll get free hours of power through their thank-you perk called Power Shout.

Types of Genesis Energy Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Electricity Flexibility Plan

Genesis Energy offer great flexibility through their “Electricity Flexibility Plan”. This plan comes without a contract, but still with several perks including double FlyBuys points and double Power Shouts. This is perfect for those who are on the move and don’t want to be tied up by a contract.

$100 Electricity Credit Plan

If you don’t mind commitment with your power plans, then the $100 Electricity Credit Plan is your best choice. This plan gives you $300 worth of free electricity, gas and fuel credit upon signing up! It’s an ideal option for those who are happy to put their trust into Genesis Energy as a company.

Genesis Energy FAQ

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Yes – Genesis Energy are one of the biggest power generators and providers in New Zealand, and are committed to generating both thermal and renewable energy.

Absolutely! Genesis Energy have several stations located throughout the country, even rural areas! However, keep in mind that rates may change depending on your location.

Yes! All of Genesis Energy’s power plans have immediate FlyBuys earnings.

The Energy IQ App is Genesis’ tool to track your power usage. You can download it on the App Store for IOS or Google Play Store for Android.