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MegaTEL Power

MegaTEL is a trusted provider in New Zealand, providing high-quality broadband services to Kiwis. They're a one-stop shop for internet, VoIP (voice over internet protocol), mobile, electricity, and natural gas.

They’re dedicated to raising customer service standards to meet Kiwi expectations. At the same time, through their self-service online tool, they encourage Kiwis to become more self-reliant when it comes to handling their expenses.

MegaTEL offers a variety of services, including a package that includes all of your broadband, mobile, power, and/or gas needs. Visit CompareBear to see how MegaTEL's power plans stack up against other New Zealand suppliers and to pick the best package for your needs.

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Why sign up for MegaTEL Power?

MegaTEL provides a variety of services at reasonable prices, including broadband, mobile, energy, and gas. Enjoy exclusive benefits and discounts if you opt for a bundle plan. Paying your bills is also simple because you have the option of using direct debit, bank deposit, or internet banking.

Benefits of signing up with MegaTEL Power

They can easily assist you through remote access between you and the customer support if you have any problems with their services.

MegaTEL Power Offers

Residential Bundle Plans

The ‘Premium Mesh WiFi Promotion' and the ‘Better Together Promotion' are bundled deals for Kiwi households. On a 24-month contract, these bundles include internet, electricity, and/or gas. The download speed is at least 100Mbps, and the upload speed is at least 20Mbps. You only have to pay $59.99 per month for your fibre unlimited broadband when you bundle it with your electricity and gas.

Business Plans

MegaTEL offers a variety of services to different enterprises, ranging from simple plans (gas or electricity) to bundled plans (combination of all their services). Try one of MegaTEL's business plans to see how much money you may save!

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Ecotricity FAQs

If you're a new customer, you have to pay administration and installation fees on top of the price of your plan.

MegaTEL Energy NZ doesn’t offer early payment discounts. Instead, they provide affordable prices right away. They provide reasonable discounts to save you money. When you bundle their services, you can obtain a discounts and other special offers.

While early termination of a MegaTEL contract by a Kiwi is uncommon, it is possible depending on the services signed up for. MegaTEL offers both fixed and non-fixed contract terms. For non-fixed contracts, either you or the firm can end the agreement for free within 30 days' notice.