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Mercury Energy Power Plans

Mercury Energy generate renewable energy from 14 stations throughout New Zealand. In 2016, they merged with Mighty River Power, which made them an even stronger power company.

Mercury Energy have been dedicated to clean and green energy since first establishing in 1999. Their main hydropower plant is located along the Waikato River, while their geothermal stations are in Taupo. They also have smaller stations for wind and solar power in other parts of the country.

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Why Choose Mercury Energy?

Why sign up with Mercury Energy?

If you want to contribute to a cleaner and greener country by consuming clean power, consider signing up to Mercury Energy.

Aside from offering environmentally friendly power options to Kiwis, they also sell this renewable energy to the national grid. This means that Mercury Energy are doing their best to ensure that more Kiwis can take advantage of clean power, even if it’s from other providers.

Is Mercury Energy the right provider for you?

Are you keen to make your power connection fun and interactive? Mercury Energy have made this possible through their comprehensive mobile phone app.

By completing fun challenges on their app, you can earn and redeem Mercury dollars, which you can use to pay for your connection! They go the extra mile to make sure that connecting power won’t feel like just another utility expense… it can be a fun activity too!

Types of Mercury Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Fixed Energy Rate Plans

Mercury Energy give you the option to sign up to a 12-month or a 24-month contract with their Fixed Energy Rate Plans. Each of these options gives you $100 of free credit for each year of the contract. Plus, you can choose whether you’d like it to be credited to your Mercury account or as Airpoints dollars.

Open Term Plans

If you don’t want a contract holding you back, Mercury Energy’s power plans also have open term options. The rates are similar to other fixed-term plans, but you’ll get smaller discounts and perks.

Mercury Energy FAQ

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Absolutely! Since they own and operate several renewable power stations in the country,  they offer some of the most comprehensive renewable energy power plans around.

Mercury Energy go big with discounts! By signing up with them, you’ll either get free account credit or Airpoints dollars. Make sure to also watch out for their latest deals and offerings.

Mercury Go is their interactive app. Through this app, you can earn Mercury dollars; every Mercury dollar is equal to $1NZD in account credit or 1 Airpoint dollar.

Mercury Energy continue to expand their coverage throughout NZ, so that more Kiwis can take advantage of their clean energy. Simply type in your address when you use the comparison tool here at Comparebear, and we’ll pull up the best Mercury Energy plans available in your area.