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Meridian Energy Power Plans

Meridian Energy are the largest producer of energy in New Zealand. In 2014, they generated almost 35% of the country’s electricity needs, and they’re still expanding!

As a provider company, Meridian Energy focus on their renewable energy offerings, as reflected in their slogan; ‘Wind. Water. Sun.’ Because of this, they were able to rank as the fourth-largest power provider in NZ in December 2015.

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Why Choose Meridian Energy?

Why sign up with Meridian Energy?

Living a clean lifestyle with a focus on generating environmentally friendly energy is one of the main reasons to sign up with Meridian Energy.

Meridian Energy are committed to helping New Zealand towards more sustainable energy consumption. If you sign up to any of their eco-friendly power plans, you can take pride in knowing that you’re doing your fair share to help decrease the effects of climate change.

Is Meridian Energy the right provider for you?

Aside from their eco-friendly power plans, Meridian Energy also cover a vast area of New Zealand with their services. Even if you’re out in the wops wops, you’ll have a provider that can cater to you.

Meridian Energy also offer some of the best prices on the market. Pair this with their incentives and exclusive offers, and it makes choosing them an easy decision. If you want a clean energy deal wherever you are, and without breaking the bank, Meridian Energy is the company for you.

Types of Meridian Energy Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Low User Plan

Meridian Energy’s low user plan is perfect for those who are living in small homes with 2 or less occupants. This plan charges you a higher price-per-unit for electricity, but a lower daily fixed charge.

Standard User Plan

If you live in a large household with many occupants, go with a standard user plan. Although you’ll be paying a higher daily rate, it’s more cost effective if you’re consuming a lot of power, as you’ll pay a lower rate for every unit of electricity.

Meridian Energy FAQ

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Absolutely! As the largest generator of power in NZ (with a focus on renewable energy), you can easily purchase one of their renewable energy plans with Meridian Energy.

It depends; if you want to have bigger discounts and more perks, then it’s highly recommended that you go with a fixed-rate plan. However, if you prefer flexibility with your power plan, consider variable pricing as your main choice.

Unfortunately not. You’ll need to meet certain criterias before you can purchase a low user plan. If you’re not sure which plan is best for you, compare with us here at CompareBear; we’ll only pull up the most suited plans available for you.

As a welcome perk, Meridian Energy power plans offer you $200 free credit if you decide to commit to a long-term plan.