Prepay Power Companies in NZ

If you’re looking to save on your electricity, gas or broadband, consider choosing a prepay power plan and get huge discounts when you sign up with one of NZ’s energy providers. By going prepay, you only pay for the amount of electricity that you use. You don’t only save on your power bill, but you also take control of your power and manage your energy costs efficiently. 

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Compare Prepay Power Deals

Less bills

With prepay, you don’t have to worry about paying your bill at the end of each month as you’re already covered for the power that you used within that certain period.

Easy top-ups

Some energy companies allow account holders to top up their balance so customers can pay for their electricity right away. You can also register your card through an app, website or pay upfront in your local shop.

Control over your power usage

Get full control over your expenses and monitor your energy costs in real-time. Just by using your phone, you can adjust your energy consumption according to your budget.

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It’s usually more expensive considering that prices are based on the standard power unit rates. Plus, you need to pay a prepayment meter charge on top of your outstanding charges. This leads to your electricity being more expensive than usual.

The most popular prepaid power providers are Globug, Wise Prepay Energy, Powershop, and Contact Energy. Compare prepay power plans using our comparison tool and find which ones are available in your area!

You can check your meter to determine how much you owe, but make sure to pay back your credits as early as possible to avoid larger debts in the future.