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Pulse Energy Power Plans

Pulse Energy are a community-based power provider with diversified offerings, including electricity, gas and solar power. They already service over 70,000 homes throughout NZ, and they continue to grow everyday.

Pulse Energy want to help Kiwis save, and they do this by offering ‘price protector’; a handy feature to ensure that your power bill won’t skyrocket overnight. They also promise to beat the electricity rates you’re currently on, and won’t lock you into a contract.

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Why Choose Pulse Energy?

Why sign up with Pulse Energy?

They’re cheap! Not only do Pulse Energy promise to beat the prices you’re currently paying, they’re also completely transparent about their billing and charges.

Pulse Energy don’t have fancy deals – just low prices upfront on all their plans. Switching to them is also made easy! In under 5 minutes, you can take advantage of their best value for money power plans for your home.

Is Pulse Energy the right provider for you?

Tired of hidden charges in your power plan? Pulse Energy aim to be as transparent as possible, because they know that every penny counts.

Aside from their cheap plans, Pulse Energy’s power plans also come with an all-energy discount if you purchase LPG and gas from them too. This discount allows you to save 40 cents a day when you bundle your energy utilities together.

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Pulse Low User Plan

If your home consumes less than 8000Kwh a year (or 9000Kwh if you live in the bottom half of the South Island), the low user plan from Pulse Energy is perfect for you. This charges you a lower daily rate, but the cost of electricity per unit is slightly higher.

Pulse Standard User Plan

If you live in a large flat or house that consumes more than 9000Kwh a year, it’s best to switch to the standard user plan. This charges you a higher daily rate, but the cost of electricity per unit is slightly lower.

Pulse Energy FAQ

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They do! Like the majority of other providers in NZ, Pulse Energy source their power from the national grid, ensuring that most of your energy is generated cleanly.

It’s quick and easy! What’s more is that we’ve made it even simpler with our power comparison tool. Through this, you can make your switch in under 5 minutes!

No – Pulse Energy want Kiwis to have a clear power billing system. They remain transparent and won’t mark up prices without you knowing.

They do! When you sign up to a power plan for 24 month, they won’t increase prices for the extent of your contract. This price protection is one of the best things that you can get with your power.