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Trustpower Power Plans

Trustpower are one of the largest power and telecommunications companies in New Zealand. As a leading power retailer and generator, they are committed to making sure that everything is kept simple and straightforward, for the best power experience in your home or business.

Trustpower’s power plans are known to be ‘no muss, no fuss’. They are a straightforward provider that allow you to save even more if you bundle your power, broadband, gas, and phone plans with them.

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Why Choose Trustpower?

Why Choose Trustpower?

If you’re looking for a provider that can bundle all your utilities into one easy-to-manage monthly bill, sign up with Trustpower!

As a thank you for getting all your utilities from them, Trustpower rewards you with savings deals and exclusive offers. This is on top of the cheap price tag that you’ll pay for your power plan.

Is Trustpower the right provider for you?

Looking for a provider that won’t confuse you with complicated plans? Trustpower is the right provider for you.

Even if you’re not sure which of their plans is best for your household, they have a team locally based that can help with any of your concerns. You can also get more information on their current rates and deals, as they’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Types of Trustpower Power Plans NZ - Rates, Price, Deals

Standard user rate

If you live in a household where your energy consumption reaches up to 8000Kwh (or 9000Kwh in lower parts of the South Island), then you take advantage of the Trustpower standard user rate plan. While you’ll pay slightly more for the daily usage charge, you’ll pay less for each unit of power used.

Low user rate

If you live in a household where power efficiency is a virtue, it's best to sign up to the low user rate plan from Trustpower. This plan charges you less for the daily usage charge, but more per unit of electricity used.

Trustpower FAQ

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They do! They deliver a mix of renewable and non-renewable energy to your household. The majority of this power comes from renewable sources, and only resorts to non-renewable energy if supplies are low.

Your fixed charge includes meter rental, reading costs, network and line costs. Your variable charge is the cost of each unit of power you use.

Controlled meters allow your local lines company and retailer to “control” usage; they do this during peak power usage, meaning you’ll pay a lower rate as a result. This is commonly used for things that are hardwired in, like hot water cylinders, pumps, and floor heating.

Uncontrolled meters allow you to use power at any point of the day, and this is charged at a higher rate than the controlled meter. This is commonly used for lighting, power points and powering appliances.

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