10 Work-From-Home Gadgets For A Cozy And Productive Setup

Date Jan 18, 2021
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By Staff Writer

Work from home is here to stay, and it looks like it's not just the employees benefiting from it. In fact, 48.6% of CIOs reported an increase in productivity since they started remote work. While there’s still some adjustments here and there, what we can do is to try and make ourselves a cozy and efficient home office. 

This 2021, get ready to increase your productivity and step up your work game with these cool new gadgets.

1. Lumbar support cushion

Working from home means sitting in front of your computer for eight or more hours per day. It’s not much of a challenge if you only do it once in a while. However, you’ll do this for 5 days a week, for 8 or more hours! It can take a toll on your posture and cause discomfort in the long run. 

A lumbar support cushion can help you relax your muscles and reduce pain in your lower back. It can help prevent spine-related diseases such as scoliosis, disc herniation, neck strain, osteoporosis, and more.

Most popular ergonomic lumbar support cushions include:

  • Xtreme Comforts Memory Foam Back Support Cushion
  • The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll by OPTP
  • Everlasting Comfort Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair 

2. Laptop stands

If you have a hard time finding the right angle to view the screen and type at the same time, a laptop stand can help. Sometimes called a laptop riser, this elevates your laptop for better viewing and more ergonomic typing.

The best feature of laptop stands is its different elevations. Whether you’re on the shorter or taller side, you can simply adjust the height . Here are some of the most popular laptop stands in New Zealand:

  • Rain Design mStand
  • ObVus Solutions Laptop Tower Stand
  • Monoprice Sit-Stand Desk Converter

3. Lap desk

Do you prefer working with your laptop on the couch or in the bed? Then, you'll do well with a lap desk. It prevents your thighs from getting toasted from the laptop’s exhaust. It can also avoid neck and eye strain as well as severe discomfort in your wrists.

Aside from ergonomics, there’s also plenty of smart lap desks. You can charge your phone and other devices wirelessly while you work. Some may even have an add-on cushion, perfect for prolonged sitting. The smartest and most ergonomic lap desks are:

  • LapGear Home-Office Lap Desk With Device Ledge, Mouse Pad, and Phone Holder
  • Honey-Can-Do TBL-03540 Portable Laptop Lap Desk With Handle
  • LapGear Cup Holder Lap Desk

4. Productivity softwares

Feeling more productive with a note-taking app or unlimited cloud storage? Then, get them! There are plenty of free productivity apps that have high ratings and good reviews. However, you may want to pay for a subscription if you want full features of the software.

What you consider as productive as an app may be different, depending on the person. If you want to test the water first, use the free version for a time. If you’re satisfied, then get the paid version of the app.  Some of the most efficient productivity software are:

  • G Suite - all-around productivity tool
  • Slack - for team communication
  • Top Tracker - keeping track of your tasks

5. Trusty work pen and notebook

Do you want to keep it productive, but aren’t on the techy side? Bring out the trusty pen and notebook! Having a blank notebook means you can customise your productivity notes to match exactly your needs. Although one biggest drawback is it can be time-consuming to write with a pen and paper.

For a work notebook that’s specially made for productivity, check out this list:

  • Leuchtturm1917 Medium A5 Dotted Hardcover
  • Rhodia Head Stapled Pad
  • Lemome A5 Wide Ruled Hardcover Writing Notebook

6. Humidifiers and diffusers

Humidifiers and diffusers are heaven-sent when it comes to reducing your stress. As you work at home, you can’t avoid situations where your pets randomly sit on your lap or your kids wanting to play with you.

It can be stressful whenever these distractions happen, but a humidifier and a diffuser can help. With better air quality and fragrance, it can ease your mind and help you think better and more creative ideas. Check out these top-rated humidifiers and diffusers in the market:

  • VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Pure Enrichment Ultrasonic Humidifier
  • TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

7. Coffee or tea maker

For your daily dose of creativity boost, grab a coffee or a tea maker! Whether your choice is coffee or tea (or maybe even both!) you'll need this to complete your routine and help finish off your tasks for the day.

Making coffee may take a while, so it may be best to buy an affordable coffee maker that brews quickly. But if you want coffee that looks and tastes like that of your favorite coffeeshop, then feel free to buy a higher-end brewer. Here are some of the best and most affordable coffee makers in NZ:

  • Nespresso Vertuo Plus
  • Wacaco Nanopresso
  • Breville The Oracle Touch

8. Ball chair

Get a quiet place to work, without renovating your home! A ball chair is your bestfriend. It wraps around your side to keep all the noise and distractions out. This way, you can get more focused and avoid unnecessary distractions.

The best part is, ball chairs aren’t only ergonomic but aesthetically striking too! It can also be a great statement piece for your home. Otherwise, check another type of ball chair — or rather a balance ball chair. They strengthen your core and correct your posture while sitting.

  • Sport Shiny Original Starfish Balance Ball Chair
  • Isokinetics Inc. Adjustable Fitness Ball Chair
  • Classic Gaiam Balance Ball Chair

9. Mini vacuum

How does a vacuum help you in your remote work setup? Turns out, they’re pretty helpful! They can help you clean the notorious space in your keyboard where dust can seep in. They can also clean the fans and exhaust of your desktop.

A good-sized mini vacuum cleaner also comes with different nozzles to clean all the nooks and crannies of your work-from-home setup — be it a monitor, printer, or accessories. Check out the best mini vacuum cleaners you can take advantage of in New Zealand.

  • Anker Eufy H11
  • Brigii Mini Vacuum
  • Meco Mini

10. Backup internet

Even if you have an unlimited broadband at home, it won’t hurt to have a backup. You never know when an outage or glitches from your provider may happen. If you also like to work wherever you can, a backup internet is a great tool.

While it’s still best to get a pocket Wi-Fi for better connectivity, you can simply use the mobile hotspot feature of your mobile phone. Make sure you have an unlimited mobile plan to have constant internet no matter what happens.

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