Should You Get the Fastest Broadband Deals?

Date Jun 2, 2020
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It today’s digitally connected world, slow speed dial up internet is a thing of the past. Today, we have a wide variety of fast broadband solutions available to us. No matter what you may use the internet for - whether gaming online with friends or watching the latest Netflix shows - it’s likely that you want to experience fast, reliable internet speeds.


Having a fast broadband connection, particularly in homes and offices with many users, can have a big impact on how you spend your time online. Without a reliable and speedy internet connection, it’s likely that you’ll experience frustrating times dealing with slow download periods as well as content buffering and freezing.


New Zealand’s leading internet service providers offer three main types of broadband; ultra fast fibre, VDSL and ADSL. Ultra fast fibre broadband is the fastest type of internet connection available, and easily reaches speeds of up to 200MBps. 


In this blog post, we talk about NZ’s fastest broadband deals and where you can find the best plan for your internet needs and budget.



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Why you should get a fast broadband plan


New Zealanders have been reaping the benefits of fast internet since 2010, with more than 250,000 homes and businesses currently using ultra fibre broadband.


Regardless of what you use the internet for, having a fast broadband connection can make your time spent online much more enjoyable. Here are all the benefits you get to enjoy on a fast broadband plan:


Stable and reliable internet connection


For those who have experienced dial up internet, or even a slow ADSL or VDSL connection, you’ll know just how frustrating it can be dealing with unreliable internet.


Luckily, this issue is now a thing of the past for most internet users. Today’s ultra fast broadband plans provide users with reliable and consistent speeds; providing a great internet experience for each and every user. 


Fast broadband means no longer having to deal with buffering, freezing and long download waits, even when the network is at its busiest. An ultra fast fibre broadband connection can handle multiple devices streaming and downloading, with no negative impact on the users’ experience.


Speedy upload/download times


When you sign up to the latest and fastest broadband deals, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a big difference in the time it takes you to download or upload things. No longer does it take hours to download a movie - it can now be done within minutes with fast broadband!


While a standard ADSL or VDSL internet connection can only reach speeds of around 40MBps, a fast broadband connection averages around 200MBps.


Just like having a reliable internet connection, having fast upload and download times can really improve an internet users’ experience online. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone on a fast broadband plan who will go back to a standard speed plan!

Download and stream on multiple devices


Back in the early internet days, there was one computer that the entire family used and shared. Today, it’s common to have multiple devices in the same household, all connected to the internet. 


With a fast broadband plan, multiple users can connect multiple devices to the same connection, without experiencing slow speeds or interruptions. Whether it’s a smart TV, iPad, laptop, mobile phone or computer, everyone can easily share the same connection and enjoy a great broadband performance.


So while your parents are in the family room watching TVNZ on Demand, you can be in the other room downloading or streaming your own favourite movie or TV show!


Free sign up benefits


With NZ’s top ultra fast fibre providers all competing against each other to get new customer sign ups, many are offering fantastic deals and benefits. It’s never been a better time to switch over to fast broadband!


When you compare the best and fastest broadband deals in New Zealand, you’ll not only see great value broadband plans, you’ll see some awesome sign up benefits such as free account credit, free devices and free TV subscriptions.


If free sign up benefits weren’t enough, many broadband providers also provide complimentary installation and free modem rental. They will generally take care of the entire installation process, allowing you to sit back, relax, and wait for the fastest broadband speeds you’ll ever experience!


Cheap broadband deals


Although fast fibre broadband is comparatively faster than other types of internet plans, you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s just as affordable as a VDSL or ADSL plan. You can enjoy the fastest internet available without having to break the bank!


The monthly cost of a fast broadband plan will depend on your preferences, such as what type of internet user you are, how many people are in the home and whether you want to sign up under a contract or not. However, fast broadband prices generally range from as little as $70 a month up to around $100 a month.


Who benefits the most from fast broadband? 


With so many benefits to offer, and at such great value prices, it’s easy to see why fast broadband is the way of the future for Kiwis. For some types of internet users, it can really improve both their internet and living experience.


Let’s look at the types of internet users that can gain more from using a fast broadband connection:


Kiwi families


For the typical Kiwi family - particularly families with teenagers or young adults living at home - it’s a given that there’ll be many users connecting to the internet. With multiple users all wanting to enjoy the internet at once, fast broadband allows everyone to easily stream and download at the same time.


Renters and flatters


For those that are renting or flatting with multiple people, it’s likely there will be several people all using the internet at all hours of the day and night. By having a fast broadband connection, everyone in the flat can connect their smart devices to the internet without fear of disruption. 


Local businesses


Regardless of the industry, it’s a given that many Kiwi businesses rely on a steady, fast connection in order to operate their business. Introducing a fast broadband connection to business can have a massive impact on both user experience and productivity levels. It can benefit businesses of all sizes, especially those that regularly use the cloud to store their data.


Online gamers


It’s not uncommon to see gamers online at all hours of the day or night - they really are some of the most enthusiastic internet users! Gaming online can use up to 300MBs per hour, so it’s only natural that they rely on a fast and reliable internet connection. 


There is a range of fast internet plans available on the market, however it’s important to note that the faster the plan is, the more that it’s likely to cost per month.


Is your current internet speed fast enough?


For most internet users, it’s quite easy to detect when your internet is simply not delivering fast enough speeds. Slow internet connections are the cause of buffering and freezing when you’re streaming online, as well as long download and upload waits.


For those who are on an ADSL or VDSL broadband plan, it’s a good idea to check your speeds to see exactly how your internet is performing. You might be surprised to learn that your speeds are well below average, and that it may be time to upgrade to a faster plan.


It’s easy to undergo an internet speed test - this will test both the download and upload speeds of your internet connection.


If you find that your internet speed is low, but you don’t experience any issues while using the internet, you can of course stick with the plan you have. For some Kiwis, they only use the internet for very basic needs, and a fast broadband plan isn’t necessary.


Fast broadband providers in New Zealand


There are many contenders when it comes to the fastest broadband providers in the country; each contributing their own list of benefits, including free installation and fantastic sign up deals for new customers.


There are, however, three broadband providers currently offering the best deals on NZ’s fastest broadband plans:




Slingshot have been committed to making broadband easy, simple to use, and suitable for the whole household since 1996. Their broadband plans include ADSL, VDSL and of course - NZ’s fastest internet option - ultra fibre fast broadband.


At the moment, when you sign up with Slingshot on a 12 month fibre broadband plan, you’ll receive three FREE months of broadband! As well as offering free broadband, Slingshot will install your new fast fibre connection and provide a rental modem, at no cost to you.




Orcon were the first NZ broadband provider to unbundle the local loop, leading the way for ultra fast broadband and letting Kiwis do more with their broadband.


Easily recognizable as one of the country’s fastest broadband providers, Orcon has a great sign up deal that over 13,000 Kiwis have already taken advantage of. New customers who sign up with Orcon on a one year contract will get their first six months of broadband at HALF price!


That’s only $49.98 for the first six months, and they’ll even install the connection at your home for no additional cost.




Vodafone is well known as one of the biggest and fastest broadband providers in the country. With their ultra fast broadband package, you’ll get internet speeds of up to 200MBps!


For a limited time, when you sign up with Vodafone for 12 months on their ultra fast fibre plan, you’ll get $300 of broadband credit, a free modem AND free installation! That’s value that’s hard to beat!


Find the fastest broadband plans


Fast fibre broadband has revolutionized how we use the internet. With fast internet speeds, quick download/upload times and the ability for multiple users to connect multiple devices, it’s understandable why fast broadband is the best internet option around.


If you’re ready for a better internet experience, we can help you find the best and fastest broadband NZ deals out there. Using our online broadband comparison tool, you can easily compare the latest fast broadband deals on offer, and find the right plan for your needs.


What are you waiting for - you can compare, switch and save on the fastest broadband deals today!