Stay Fit And Healthy With These Online Fitness Classes

Date Oct 21, 2020
Blog category Broadband
By Staff Writer

The COVID-19 outbreak has imposed indefinite closure of our go-to gyms, but that shouldn’t stop us from staying active! More than ever, Kiwis need to build a stronger immune system to fight the virus, and to free the mind from anxiety in these trying times.

As New Zealand transitions to the new normal, there are now plenty of virtual fitness lessons that you can enrol to keep healthy. If your local gym hasn’t offered fitness classes yet, we present you some of the best online fitness classes — both free and paid — available throughout the country!

Les Mills TV

Who doesn’t know Les Mills, right? Simply tune in daily to TVNZ One for their 9 am classes and TVNZ 2 for their 3 pm classes. Get lessons for high-intensity interval training (HIIT), yoga workouts, and Born To Move workouts for kids — all for free!

What’s great is that you can also stream them on-demand! Les Mills On Demand has over 800+ different workouts in their 13 different programmes! Do anything from cardio, strength and core training, HIIT, dance, yoga, and meditation, even while at home!

Keep It Cleaner 

Keep It Cleaner (KIC) aims to get your mind and body in the best shape by changing your lifestyle. The trainers — Steph and Laura — designed the programme with a strong focus on improving mental health by working on your physical health. Their programmes consist of different workouts as well as meal plans, wellness spaces for meditations, pilates, yoga, and daily affirmations, especially for women!

Amidst the pandemic, KIC is offering free live workouts via streaming on Instagram. Follow them on their Instagram handle to get notified whenever they go live every Monday at 10 PM (for nighttime meditation), every Wednesday at 9 AM (for strength with Steph & Laura), and every Friday at 9 AM (for yoga and pilates with Steph & Laura).

Boxing Alley

Want a more intensive workout? Then, Boxing Alley is for you! They use a combination of boxing and cardio fitness classes to ensure that you’re in the best shape this summer. While most of their services are paid, they offer a daily end-of-day equipment-free online workout for those who are currently working from home! 

Boxing Alley’s full-body workout consists of warm-ups, cool-downs as well as basic techniques and stance, with different levels of difficulties. Aside from hardcore training, they also have personal training, corporate wellness, and physiotherapy or massage therapy. 

Core Collective

If you want to build a stronger body, then take it to the core! Core Collective focuses on strengthening your ab muscles. You can totally build your six-pack abs dream this summer! Simply register online or their Instagram handle, and get started with their easy-to-follow workouts using only your mats at home!

Core Collective has various sets of workouts for different fitness levels. They also have different pricing tiers to fit your budget and your commitment to fitness. With locations in Auckland, Queenstown, and Christchurch, you can visit them to get a more intense core workout using their specialised equipment.

Wild Pilates

Pilates is becoming a popular go-to workout for many Kiwis — and it’s easy to see why. All you need is a little space in your living room, your body, and an instructor to guide you. This is where Wild Pilates Studio comes in! They have no equipment workout routines, which even beginners can follow!

You can start a 7-day free trial to test the waters if the workout is for you. While they strongly recommend their weekly pilates workout schedule, they give you the freedom to customise your schedule as you please. Best of all, Wild Pilates Studio has dedicated workouts for mums in pre and postnatal care.

Stay fit and healthy with a reliable internet connection!

As you do your workouts online, it’s essential to ensure that your internet won’t slow down any time! Nothing’s more annoying than skipping the routines because you didn’t quite catch it when your connection lagged.

Start working out with zero interruptions! Get a trusted broadband plan with the best connection in your area. Find which NZ broadband provider has the best services using our comparison tool at CompareBear!