Support Local: Best Holiday Gift Ideas

Date Dec 10, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: Support Local is CompareBear’s article series featuring Kiwi-owned businesses and local initiatives, as we all help to get our communities back on their feet.

The holiday season is the perfect time to support local businesses! Make sure to buy gifts from locally owned and operated stores, and help Kiwis in their business ventures. There are plenty of marketplaces and sellers where you can score authentic locally-made products.

Score anything from food, gift box sets, kitchen appliances, clothing, ornaments, and other products both from big and small businesses in New Zealand. Check out the coolest holiday gift ideas from these proud-Kiwi local stores.

1. Wellington Treats Gift Box

Don’t know what gifts to give this holiday season? Just get the Wellington Treats Gift Box from We Love Local. It comes with different sizes and add-ons, costing anything from $66 to $137.50. Plus, it’s completely eco-friendly, as it’s packed with a reusable wooden box.

2. Aotea x Superette Super Skin Wellness Gift Set

Remind your loved ones to take care of their health!  Aotea x Superette Super Skin Wellness Gift Set from Superette is made from Maori herbal remedies like Manuka Oil and Kawakawa Balm. The best part is, it costs only $99.00! 

3. &Sunday Oversized Float

Hit the beach with your friends and family this summer! &Sunday Oversized Float is perfect for your summer getaways. It’s inspired by abstract designs that both genders can enjoy. Get it from Good Thing for only $79.90.

4. The Avo Tree Face Oil

Give your super friend a face oil made from the superfruit! The Avo Tree Face Oil is made from Avocado Oil with Blackcurrant & Pear for youthful glow, skin nourishment, and instant rejuvenation. It costs $49.99 for the 30ml bottle.

5. Lettuce Park Picnic Puzzle

Want a hobby this holiday season? Gift yourself with the Lettuce Park Picnic Puzzle from Father Rabbit. This 100pc-puzzle is made from recycled and sustainable NZ timber. Grab this for a steal price of $42.00 this holiday.

6. Common People Small Cross-body Bag

The Wanaka-based brand, Common People, is selling its Small Cross-body Bag for $310. It’s just the perfect size to bring all your everyday essentials, with additional external pockets for card slots. It’s made from soft Nappa leather, making it compact and lightweight.

7. Iconic Kiwi Oven Glove

Replace your mum’s old oven glove! Design By Leonard (DBL) — a proud New Zealand company —  releases their Kiwiana Oven Globe with the print of the Kiwi bird. Get it at Simply New Zealand for only $14.99, including GST.

8. Korowai - Tane Mahuta

Korowai - Tane Mahuta is completely handcrafted and made from New Zealand feathers. It’s the perfect gift for special occasions like the holiday. Grab it for $1,299, including GST, at Simply New Zealand. For this specific item, it’s best to enquire ahead as stocks may be limited.

9. Vintage Garden Print Face Mask

What’s a more fitting holiday gift for this year than a face mask! Emma George — a craftsman from Auckland — lists her Vintage Garden Print Face Mask at Felt. Purchase it for only $10.00, excluding the shipment fees.

10. Classic Candle - Vanilla Silk

Let your comfort place smell with luxury! The Classic Candle - Vanilla Silk is a soy candle made by Downlights NZ. Plus, its scent can help people with down syndrome and other learning disabilities. The candle is listed on The Gift Hunter for only $54.95.

11. Whittaker’s Chocolate Dark Cacao

Who doesn’t love a bar of Whittaker’s? The household brand’s Dark Chocolate is made from 62% cocoa. It’s completely made and developed in NZ, so you get a familiar taste that every Kiwi loves. Plus, it’s Halal and Kosher certified, with no added gluten or dairy.

12. Ata Rangi Old Vine Abel Pinot Noir 2019 Magnum

Kiwis love their wines, so you can trust your friends and family to love a local wine as a gift. Ata Rangi Old Vine Abel Pinot Noir 2019 Magnum has an elegant and powerful essence with a flavourful taste. Make sure to purchase this for $450 a bottle.

13. MGO 950+ Manuka Honey - Limited Release

What’s more local than Kiwis’ very own manuka honey! Get the MGO 950+ Manuka Honey - Limited Release for $250. It’s an ultra high-grade honey, harvested from premium local bees. Grab this as a priced gift for your best friends and special someone.

14. Dinosaurs Handmade Hardcover Sketchbook

Do you know a crafty and artistic mate? Give them this thoughtful gift for the holidays! Consider getting the Dinosaurs Handmade Hardcover Sketchbook listed on Felt. It’s made by han2t — a proud local maker from Wellington.

15. Farm Organic Honey Yoghurt

Treat your family with an award-winning local food! Clearwater’s Organic Honey Yoghurt contains all-natural ingredients, with no homogenisation, preservatives, and even thickeners added! Best of all, they have a wide array of options, including those for lactose intolerant.

16. Dimples Merino Babygrow

Welcome your new niece or nephew with a Merino Baby Grow from Dimples. It’s made from 100% Merino wool. It’s a breathable fabric that takes special care on babies’ delicate skin. Pick the right size for your niece or nephew, and purchase them for as low as $124.99

17. Journey Sweatshirt

A good sweatshirt never goes out of style! It’s one of the best gifts you can get your friends because it can last them a long time! The Journey Sweatshirt from The Co Lab is ethically and sustainably sourced. It costs only $129.90, making this item such a steal!

18. Mothers Choice Jewellery Box

Do you know someone who loves their accessories? Time to gift them with Mothers Choice Jewellery Box from Aeon this Christmas! It’s made and designed by local artists in Rotorua. You can trust that its price of $320.00 is worth it as it has plenty of good reviews from Kiwis.

19. Make Your Own Soy Candle in a Teacup

Gift your loved ones with something extra special and hand made! Gift them with the Make Your Own Soy Candle in a Teacup, which only takes 30 minutes to make. Pick from three different colours, costing $36 each.

20. nil organic beeswax food wrap

Help your friends and family to live a sustainable lifestyle! nil’s organic beeswax food wrap is one of the top picks in the Organic NZ magazine when it comes to food wraps in the market. Choose from three different designs, and pay only $29.99 each.

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