Save Some Brainspace: Gift Ideas For Forgetful People

Date Mar 22, 2021
Blog category Mobile Phone
By Staff Writer

We all have that friend (or maybe you're that friend?) who is always busy or constantly losing their stuff wherever they go. Well, we thought we'd share this list of smart inventions and tools you can get for you or your friend to avoid losing things and become more organized!


Source: Amazon, Home-X Do Not Forget Door Knob Organizer

Door Knob Organizer

No more forgetting the important stuff, especially when they're in a rush, with a doorknob organizer. Since it's the last thing you'll see before leaving, you can use this to store small necessities you tend to forget, such as keys, cards, etc.

Doormat Reminder

Get them a doormat reminder with essential things such as keys, phone, wallet printed on it. Seeing the same reminder before and after leaving the house regularly could help improve you or your forgetful friend's memory.

Grocery List Notepad

This grocery shopping list is perfect for that friend who keeps going back and forth to the grocery store for forgetting an item or two on their list. If you're one of those people, just put this notepad on your fridge so you can quickly check off an item once you ran out of it. And when it's time to restock your fridge again, just bring the list with you!


Source: Ebay, Keysmart inCharge Apple Lightning Portable Charger

Keychain Charger

No more misplacing your cable or keys with an easy-to-find, dual-purpose mini keychain charger, which you can easily attach to your bag and use whenever you have to.


Pocket App

Being forgetful doesn't just mean forgetting material things. How many articles, videos, or items have you found on the internet that you planned on going back to but have forgotten eventually?

Luckily, the Pocket app allows you to save anything you find interesting on the internet using their app and web extension. Now, you can go back to these things whenever you're ready. Let your forgetful friends know about this app, or gift them the monthly or annual premium membership so they can maximize all the app's features!


Source: HPM, Analogue Timer – 24h easy set override switch

Timed Outlet

One of the most common dilemmas of a forgetful person is not remembering whether they've turned off their appliances before leaving the house. Give them peace of mind with a timed outlet that saves energy and turns off appliances. Just plug the appliances you tend to forget to turn off and choose a pre-set time and it will automatically shut off the electricity of the plugged devices. No more panicking when you remember it while at work or outside with friends!

Power Bank

Forgot to charge your battery again? There's no need to worry when you have a life-saving power bank that comes in different types depending on your needs! Just plug your device via USB cable to recharge your battery and you're good to go! 


Source: Amazon, Sanyipace Mini Key Finder Locator

Bluetooth Key and Phone Finder

If you've lost/forgot/misplaced your keys and phones countless times already, this is the perfect solution to your problem. You can attach it to your keys, connect it to your phone and simply make the key ring every time they go missing. What makes it even better is it works both ways, so you can use it as well when you misplace your phone!


Source: The Market, Self Watering Spikes

Watering Stakes

No more plants dying on you or your friends' watch with watering stakes! These tools will keep your plants healthy and hydrated even when you're out, making it a perfect gift for you or your forgetful, plant-loving friend.

Wallet Phone Case

Get a wallet phone case where you can put other essential things like cash, IDs, cards, and more. Sure, this might be a little risky if you end up losing it, but what makes this phone case appealing is that you get to be more mindful of your stuff. After all, it's easier to keep an eye on one thing instead of three or more things.


You can never go wrong with a classic planner! Help your forgetful friend develop the habit of planning their days and keeping track of their tasks. There are plenty of planners available online to choose from, including designs to make it more personalized for your friend.

Trivial Pursuit Board Game

While these devices and tools are great for you or your forgetful friend, they are just temporary solutions. Exercise your brain by testing your knowledge and increasing your memory retention with the best-selling board game called Trivial Pursuit! It can be played as a fun, competitive game with family and friends.

Get these devices and tool online! Make sure you have reliable mobile internet for an uninterrupted shopping experience and hassle-free transactions.

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