The Cheapest Broadband Plans in New Zealand

Date Jun 2, 2020
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By Staff Writer


For a lot of us New Zealanders, finding the lowest prices on our household utility plans is something we all strive to find. When it comes to finding a good broadband deal, it’s only natural for us to look for the cheapest broadband deals available, as to keep costs as low as possible.


However - is the cheapest broadband deal really the best option for you and your family? Have you looked around for great value package deals, or have you simply found the cheapest internet plan on offer? Will you end up with slower internet and low data allowance when you choose the cheapest plan?


In this blog post, we talk about the difference between choosing cheap broadband deals versus great value broadband packages - so you can make a decision as to which is more beneficial for you and your family.


A mother and daughter search for cheap broadband deals online


Benefits of choosing a cheap broadband plan


When was the last time you reviewed your broadband plan? If it’s been a while, now is a great time to look at your monthly plan and the costs involved, as you may find you’ll gain many more benefits by signing up to a cheaper broadband plan...


It’s cheap!


Obviously the biggest benefit that comes with signing up to a cheap broadband plan is that… it’s cheap! No longer will you have to fork out big bucks for your internet, as there are many cheap broadband plans now available that can cater to all your everyday internet needs. Believe it or not, you could save around $200 per year by switching to a newer and cheaper internet plan.


There’s an option for all broadband connections


Are you on an ADSL or VDSL connection? Or are you enjoying ultra fast speeds from a fibre connection? Regardless of what broadband connection you may have, there are many fantastic low cost plans available. While you may think that ultra fast fibre internet would be expensive, it’s actually just as affordable as an ADSL or VDSL broadband plan.


Fantastic sign up deals


There are many fantastic deals to enjoy when you sign up to a new plan, as many of NZ’s leading broadband providers are competing against each other for new customers. Broadband providers are now offering some amazing deals to get new customers on board, from free account credit to free modems to free TV and music subscriptions!


Free installation and setup


Broadband providers are really going out of their way to sign up new customers! As well as fantastic sign up deals, you can expect many of the latest cheap broadband plans to include free installation and setup of the connection as well. You get to enjoy a newer, cheaper broadband plan and get everything set up for you!


Things to consider when choosing the cheapest broadband plans


Although the benefits of choosing the cheapest broadband plans may sound appealing, there are some other things you’ll need to consider that may end up affecting your final decision…


Some plans may not be available to you


In an ideal world, every New Zealander would have the option of signing up to the cheapest broadband deals - but unfortunately this is not possible. Depending on your location, you may not have all internet options available to you (i.e. fibre internet), therefore you won’t have all of the cheap broadband deals available. This mainly affects people who are living rurally.


Prices may only be short term


Have you ever come across a broadband price that seemed too good to be true - like 50% off your monthly internet bill? That’s because it’s likely this deal is only for a limited time only. The discounted price is generally set for a certain period of time, and then will return to the standard monthly price after that.


You may have to commit to a contract


While there are many broadband providers out there that are offering cheap internet plans, it’s likely that they will also require you to sign up for a certain period of time (normally between 1 to 2 years). While you’re under a contract, you won’t have the flexibility to easily change providers (without having to pay a hefty termination fee).


Slower speeds


Those who are looking for the cheapest broadband plans need to consider speeds. With a cheap broadband plan, you’ll likely get standard internet speeds - if you’re after the fastest speeds available, you’ll have to upgrade your plan and pay a bit more for this. You can’t expect the cheapest to also be the fastest!



Compare the cheapest broadband plans in New Zealand


For both homes and businesses, it’s now easier than ever to find the cheapest broadband plans around. There are broadband options to cater for all types of users and connections - so no matter what your internet requirements are, you’ll be able to find a plan that suits your needs.


Before you begin your search for the right broadband deal, you’ll need to determine what type of connection you have and what type you’ll need. We recommend fibre broadband, however there are still some really great deals available for those using an ADSL or VDSL connection.


At the moment, Orcon generally provides the cheapest broadband plans around. Here are some of the best broadband deals and packages currently available:


The cheapest ADSL broadband plan


On the hunt for a cheap ADSL broadband plan? Orcon may be the right provider for you, as they are currently offering 6 months of broadband for HALF price! For the first 6 months, you’ll only have to pay $44.98 for your broadband (and then full price of $89.95 for the remaining 6 months).


Nova Energy are Slingshot are not far behind Orcon when it comes to offering the best ADSL broadband plan. While Nova Energy are giving away $350 of account credit when you sign up with them, Slingshot are giving new customers 3 months of free broadband!


The cheapest VDSL plan


Although VDSL broadband provides much faster speeds than a standard ADSL connection, you’ll find that the majority of broadband plans and prices are the same for both ADSL and VDSL. 


So just like on a VDSL broadband plan, you’ll get: half price broadband for 6 months with Orcon, $350 of account credit with Nova Energy and 3 months of free broadband with Slingshot.


Remember, any internet provider that offers great sign up deals normally require you to sign up to a contract for at least one year.


The cheapest fibre broadband plan


Orcon is really proving itself to be the cheapest broadband provider in New Zealand, as it offers the best value fibre broadband deals around. Once again, Orcon will give new customers a great discount of half price fibre broadband for the first 6 months! 


Nova Energy is once again a close runner up; for all new customers signing up to their fibre broadband plan, they’ll enjoy a lovely $350 credit on their account! For those looking to commit to a longer term contract, Orcon is giving away a FREE 32G Apple TV when you sign up to a 24 month broadband contract.


The cheapest unlimited broadband plan 


A clear winner of the cheapest unlimited broadband deals around is Orcon, who - no matter what type of broadband plan you sign up to - will give a great discount of HALF price broadband for the first 6 months. You’ll need to sign up for at least 1 year, but you’ll also get to enjoy free modem rental and free installation from the Orcon team. 


There are a few factors that may affect the type of broadband plan you need, such as whether you’re happy to sign up to a contract and whether you still require a landline. 


Ready to find the cheapest broadband plans?


Now that you have an idea of the difference between cheap broadband plans and great value broadband packages, you can begin your search to find the best internet plan for your needs.


You can easily compare broadband plans and providers using our online comparison tool. Head on over to the broadband page, give us a few details about what you need, and we’ll list the cheapest plans available from the country’s leading broadband providers.