The Overseas Experience: Most Common Airport Problems

Date Aug 28, 2020
Blog category travel insurance
By Staff Writer

Having an overseas experience is considered to be a rite of passage for many Kiwis. After all, broadening your horizons by working overseas or having an extended holiday yield so many opportunities and life-changing experiences. Nowadays, with COVID-19 hampering people’s capabilities to travel, most can only look back on the fond memories acquired during their time overseas. Still, if there is one thing not to miss about the whole travel experience, it’s definitely the assorted airport problems encountered while travelling. Let’s take a look into these common problems...

Lost luggage

Possibly the most common complaint you’ll encounter as an airline passenger is lost luggage. Airlines may reassure its patrons that the percentage of lost luggage is actually a very small portion, but only the people who comprise that small portion could tell you the frustration that comes with your items being lost in transit.

Lost luggage causes people significant delays in their travels, often causing them to have to wait for hours for the airline to sort it out. The worst-case scenario is that the items are lost in the system forever, requiring a replacement from your travel insurance company.

Flight delays

Speaking of having to wait around, flight delays are also a very common problem encountered in air travel. To be fair, sometimes these delays are unprepared for, such as bad weather, damaged aircraft, understaffing, and other assorted problems. They can be unavoidable at times.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is to find a nearby place to wait it out, especially if it’s going to last a few hours. Travel insurance can come in handy at times like these.

Hidden fees

It’s a common enough story to hear about passengers excitedly dashing to the airport, believing they got a good deal on their tickets, only to be caught unprepared with hidden fees when they arrive. Everyone is encouraged to do their due research to avoid getting caught off-guard with these charges and avoid any further airport problems along the way.


This is a lot more common during the peak season when flights and airports are full and you encounter long lines at the counter. When flights are overbooked, airlines often compensate passengers who voluntarily choose to get off, paying for expenses like their hotels and their meals. Of course, not every passenger has the liberty of giving up their seat. In this instance, it’s best to remain calm at all times and explain your circumstances properly.

Medical emergencies

Last but not the least, unexpected accidents could occur while you’re at the airport. Encountering a medical emergency while travelling can be very costly if you’re going to be paying for it all out of pocket. Fortunately, a comprehensive travel insurance policy both for domestic and overseas flights can come in handy for this.

Prepare for the unexpected with travel Insurance

Airport problems can be very unpredictable; they can come at you when you least expect it, casting a heavy cloud on what is supposed to be a fun experience. With the right travel insurance, you don’t need to face it all alone. Your provider can help you get cover for most of these things, without it costing you too much. All you need to do is to compare your options and find the right provider; and CompareBear can help you start the search. So give our comparison tool a try today!