Top Solar Power Companies and Installers In NZ

Date Jul 7, 2021
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By Staff Writer

Solar power is becoming one of the leading energy resources in NZ today. And with the continuous rise of companies and households switching to solar energy, you might want to consider buying one, too!

Not only will you save money on electricity bills, but it will also help reduce your carbon footprint and help New Zealand reach its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050.

If you don't know where to look for solar panels, here are some of New Zealand's best solar power companies you can check.

Harrisons Energy Solutions

Go green and solar with Harrisons Energy Solutions. They provide consultation and installation of solar panels or PV systems for your home or business to make sure you're maximizing your ROI. They have an extensive network across New Zealand, making them one of the best solar panel providers in the country.

Why choose Harrisons Energy Solutions?

  • It helps you maximize your ROI
  • Reliable team and customer service
  • Offers a range of solar panels, modules, and batteries and provides installation services

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GridFree provides affordable solar panel solutions without compromising quality. Aside from solar equipment, you can also request customization services.

Why choose GridFree?

  • You can customize your solar kit
  • Offers free consultation

Clear Energy

Whether hybrid, grid-tie, or completely off-grid, Clear Energy is here to help set you up with the best quality solar energy systems. Their tailored solutions ensure that both residential and commercial customers get their money's worth. If in doubt, check out some of their partners Huawei, Longi, and Hummingbird Group to verify their services.

Why choose Clear Energy?

  • Free expert consultation. Get your home or business checked for solar feasibility with zero obligation.
  • Very competitive pricing per kW
  • CSEANZ accredited installers
  • 25 years performance warranty



YHI is a local supplier that offers numerous options for your power needs, including solar panels, energy storage, inverters, and more. Their products are sourced from some of the best brands in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Why choose YHI?

  • Diverse range of solar products
  • Specialist sales staff to answer your queries
  • Great customers to meet your requirements

ZEN Energy Systems

Reduce your electricity bills with ZEN Energy Systems' solar products, sourced from renowned suppliers all over the world. They have an impressive background and experience to make sure they're giving the best services to their customers. From installation to advice on which products suit you best, you can expect ZEN Energy to help you.

Why choose Zen Energy Systems?

  • High-quality solar products
  • It gives you higher savings than other solar companies
  • Helpful and knowledgeable team

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SkySolar is an end-to-end solution specialist that has everything you need when it comes to solar needs, including the best and latest solar products in the market. They have a great sales team and technicians to help you get started.

Why choose SkySolar?

  • Offers high-quality products and provides solar installations
  • Helps you find the best solar power system for your home or business



Aside from providing clean and affordable solar energy, iGenerate also sells solar products such as solar panels., solar PV modules, inverters, batteries, and more. They also provide leasing and financing service to help their customers.

Why choose iGenerate?

  • Wide range of solar products
  • Leasing and financing options
  • Gives full assessment to your home
  • Provides solar system installation

Reid Technology

Reid Technology consists of a team of specialists dedicated in providing solar products and technical assistance, including design and installation all throughout New Zealand.

Why choose Reid Technology?

  • Won numerous awards such as SEANZ Award for the past 13 years 
    Offers solar products and other renewable energy systems
    Provides assistance such as solar installation

Kiwi Solar

One of New Zealand's leading suppliers and installers of solar panels, Kiwi Solar offers quality products. You can get a free estimate and have them customize their services to meet your budget and needs.

Why choose Kiwi Solar?

  • Has a qualified and expert team to answer your queries 
  • It has a wide range of solar products you can choose from
  • Products fit NZ solar standards
  • Offers free estimates

World Solar

When it comes to solar power needs, World Solar has proven to be one of the best--with an impressive list of clients all throughout New Zealand. They will help you with everything, from getting a  quote to installation.

Why choose World Solar?

  • Dedicated to help you save money from start to installation
  • Offers various solar packages to make switchig to solar easier for you
  • Offers finance options

SolarKing Ltd

SolarKing Limited provides services and quality solar products, whether it's for residential, commercial, or rural. They also offer off-grid applications, plus a team of electricians and experts who will assist you with your needs. You get a warranty of up to 25 years if you purchase one of their solar products, plus they're reliable when it comes to post-service support and assistance.

Why choose SolarKing Ltd?

  • Offers solar products and installation nationwide
  • 25 years production warranty
  • Has solar power experts and electricians to help you
  • Great customer service

Now that you know where to get solar panels, consider some of the things you should look for when buying solar panels: 

Type of solar power system

There are three types of solar power systems you can choose from: grid-connected solar, off-grid solar, and hybrid solar.

Grid-connected solar energy

This is the most common type in the country. This type usually consists of solar panels, connection units, and an inverter. With a grid-connected solar panel, you can coordinate with New Zealand's power grid and sell the excess generated power from your solar system to your power provider to decrease your power costs.

Off-grid solar energy

Unlike grid-connected solar, with off-grid solar, all you need is the solar panel and batteries to power your household. You're completely independent of the power grid. This is a better option for those living in rural or remote areas.

Hybrid Solar

As the name suggests, this type of solar is a combination of grid-connected and off-grid solar. You'll have a constant solar energy source in your home since this type can be powered by energy from either battery or grid.

If solar panels are still out of your budget, no worries! It's a big investment after all. What you can do is switch to a solar energy provider for some clean energy for your home!

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