The Most In-Demand Tech Skills To Learn For 2021

Date Jan 26, 2021
Blog category Broadband
By Staff Writer

As the world of technology continues its rapid growth, more and more companies are looking for professionals with advanced tech skills to help them grow and stay ahead of their competitors. 

Whether you're running a business, a job seeker, or an employee who wants to step up your game and increase your demand, it's essential to keep up with these trends and add a new skill to your resume. With hundreds of tech skills to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start, what skills to learn, and which one will benefit you or your business the most.

With the help of Skillsoft Tech Signals, "Lean Into Tech: 2020 Tech Skills Trends and 2021 Predictions", we've rounded up some of the most in-demand tech skills this year across five critical areas: software craft, data, programming, cloud, and security. These areas, when applied and learned well, can definitely help businesses grow. Employees on the other hand can take more of these courses to further increase their value.

Data analytics

Data analysis is one — if not the main — driver of businesses' growth these days! Without all these easy-to-extract data, how are you supposed to understand the market? Data analytics is one very important process to learn and discover useful information about products and consumers among other thingsgs, and develop conclusions for decision-making and the next course of action. Today, most companies have access to a great deal of information on customers, such as their interests, spending habits, behaviors, and more.

It is predicted that more organizations and businesses will prioritize securing data storage and remote access this year, which means learning fundamental data analysis can give you an opportunity to help in decision-making roles — an essential life-skill in today's data-driven environment. More importantly, the benefits of data analysis can be used for critical business insights, identify market trends before competitors, and gain advantages for your business.

Top Courses to Take:

  • Data Gathering
  • Power Bi: Getting Started With Data Analytics
  • the Big Data Technology Wave

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Agile can be daunting, especially if you're not familiar with the term and are new to project management. No worries though, because it's not as complicated as you think! Agile is simply one of the most common guides used in project management to choose methods and procedures that will work best for your team.

Its values and principles don't try to prescribe the way your team should work; instead, it focuses on helping you and your team think and interact in ways that achieve agility or the ability to continually adapt and continuously make improvements to the way you work. Now that we're experiencing so many changes worldwide, learning this skill can be of great help for you and your team to adjust and stay on top of your game.

Top Courses to Take:

  • Agile Software Testing: Methodologies and Testing Approaches
  • Agile Software Development: Agile Development Life Cycle

Cloud fundamentals

Many companies are shying away from traditional server infrastructure to rely on cloud solutions, and demand for skilled workers in these areas has increased. With cloud technology opening up new revenue channels, it's the perfect time to start learning the fundamentals of cloud and be amazed at how it can benefit you and your business. Whether you're considering a career in cloud computing, or want to incorporate cloud technologies into your organization's infrastructure, understanding cloud fundamentals is a skill worth learning.

Top Courses to Take:

  • Cloud Computing Fundamentals: Introduction
  • Azure Fundamentals: Cloud Computing


DevOps or Development and Operations is becoming more popular in the tech industry and will continue to do so this year. If you're not familiar with it, you might think it's a programming language or tool that you can learn, but DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools used by businesses to meet the growing demands of customers. With this tool, you can speed up processes and development cycles, all while maintaining a high degree of accuracy and not compromising security. This is to make sure that new features reach the users as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Top Courses to Take:

  • DevOps Testing and Delivery
  • DevOps Management and Capabilities
  • DevOps Methodologies and Development

Now that you know some of the best tech skills to learn, it's time to do some e-learning!

Entering the world of tech can be intimidating if you’re just starting, but the internet is full of excellent resources and online courses for beginners! And yes, even some of the most relevant content are given for free!

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