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Hotspot Shield VPN

Hotspot Shield VPN has been providing award-winning private internet access to millions of users worldwide. Their VPN service has received recognition by various tech journalists and experts. It holds’s verdict as the fastest VPN on the market in an independent study in October 2019. It has servers in over 80 countries and 35 cities, and 115 virtual locations that make use to give lightning-fast connections for your streaming, downloading, and other online activities.

It has advanced security features and plenty of products to secure all your devices, from Hotspot Shield extensions to VPN services for Windows, iOS, router, Netflix, and other platforms. Never compromise your digital security again and download Hotspot Shield VPN on your devices today!

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Why entrust your digital security with Hotspot Shield VPN?

Hotspot Shield VPN is, by far, the fastest VPN on the market today. This claim is based on speed tests, awards, customer reviews, and independent studies. If you’re relying mostly on the internet for work and school, Hotspot Shield VPN can be the best option for you. Get Hotspot Shield extensions for top uploading and downloading speeds on your devices. It’s also built with military-grade encryption to prevent compromising your digital security. You can download it using only a single account on  Android, Linux, Smart TVs, and more.

Is Hotspot Shield VPN right for you?

Yes, if you’re looking for a VPN 1.4 times faster than others in short-distance connections, and 2.2 times faster when over long-distance connections. This works best for remote work and online schooling as you don’t have to worry about speed loss when conducting important tasks. Hotspot Shield VPN increases your download speed by 26%, faster than other competitors.

Types of NordVPN Plans

Basic Plan

This Hotspot Shield free VPN has all the security features you need and without costing you anything! It’s a go-to solution if you need a VPN immediately. 

  • Military-grade encryption
  • Access to global content
  • Up to 2 Mbps connection speed
  • 500 MB daily data limit
  • Virtual location in the U.S.
  • Internet kill switch
  • Multiple VPN protocols
  • Access to the support center

Premium Family Plan

For a VPN experience designed for the entire family, you’ll only need to pay $19.99 or around NZD $28.94 per month. You get the same essential benefits in a Premium Plan, but you can connect up to 25 devices and 5 for each family member account.

Premium Plan

The features are more sophisticated than those in the Basic Plan, in case you need a notch higher in your internet security. Get these benefits for only $12.99 or around NZD $18.81 per month:

  • Connect up to 5 devices
  • Get military-grade encryption to secure your browsing activities
  • Stream more movies in Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+ and more
  • Ultra-fast speeds, up to 1 Gbps
  • Unlimited data
  • Over 115 virtual locations
  • Internet kill switch
  • Multiple VPN protocols
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Compatible with smart TVs, routers, Linux
  • Malware and phishing protection
  • Smart VPN
  • A security suite with Identity Guard, 1Password, and Robo Shield (not featured in the Basic and Premium Family plans)

Hotspot Shield VPN FAQs

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Yes. You can install it in any device like your laptop, mobile, or desktop as it’s compatible with most apps and operating systems.

Hotspot Shield VPN uses its own protocol which the company developed themselves. Hydra protocol is the key ingredient in making Hotspot Shield VPN faster than the nearest competitor.

This depends on your needs. If you don’t want to pay for anything, you can get the Hotspot Shield free VPN plan that includes competitive features. The paid versions are best for heavy internet users and for family use.