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NordVPN was created in 2012 as a way to secure internet users in a responsible way. Over the years, it has established trust and confidence to thousands of users across the globe by overcoming restrictions and, at the same time, protecting users from intrusive third-party surveillance. Today, NordVPN has 5500+ servers across 59 countries, making it one of the most trusted online security solution providers worldwide. 

Over 14 million internet users have trusted NordVPN for their online security; and with a NordVPN free trial, you can be one too! What’s more, NordVPN downloads on different platforms and operating systems, helping you to protect most of your devices. You can use NordVPN for Netflix and other streaming sites to access more global content.

You can download NordVPN to review features and if you’re unsatisfied you can get your cash back using the 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Why entrust your digital security with NORDVPN?

NordVPN reviews are mainly focused on the high-quality 5526+ ultra-fast VPN servers worldwide that help you course smoothly on the internet without worrying about getting tracked. NordVPN also applies a no logs policy, which offers uninterrupted streaming of videos, movies and live sports  even in high-definition.
NordVPN also uses NordLynx protocol that doesn’t apply bandwidth limits and enables fast online security. This protocol helps in unlocking geo-restricted content — use NordVPN for Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, and other streaming sites!

Compatibility with most devices and systems

If you’re a heavy internet user who also relies on the internet for work (i.e. homebased kind of job), NordVPN is right for you thanks to its compatibility with most operating systems and IP-masking ability that keeps you at bay from being a victim of cybercrime. Get NordVPN and download on:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iPad, iOS, iPhone
  • Android TV
  • Linux
  • Chrome 
  • Firefox

What’s more, you can unblock popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram!

Types of NordVPN Plans


There’s a VPN plan to suit everyone’s needs. Win back your digital security with a NordVPN plan! Get access to beyond industry-standard features that you can add:

  • NordPass for only $1.99 or NZD $2.82 per month to secure and store passwords
  • NordLocker for only $1.49 or NZD $ 2.11 per month to secure Cloud files

2-year Plan

This offers you high-quality security as you surf the internet without any speed loss. Special features include an ad blocker, server coverage, double encryption, and many more! You can connect over 6 devices at the same time and get access to 5,100 servers worldwide for only $3.71 or NZD $5.25 per month.

1-year Plan

Like NordVPN’s 2-year plan, you can access double encryption, zero speed loss, and access to  5,100 servers worldwide, among others. This plan, however, is for users who want to test the VPN for a longer time. It costs only $4.92 or NZD $6.96 per month.

1-Month Plan

If your internet security needs are short-term, this VPN plan can suit you the best. For only $11.95 or NZD $16.91 per month, you can get all the competitive, high-quality VPN features!


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Yes! Using NordVPN for Netflix and other streaming sites, and even torrenting itself is not illegal. However, it’s a big ‘NO’ to download copyrighted content otherwise this will count as piracy. 

The best way to use NordVPN for Netflix is using any of the servers near your location. Netflix AU is the best choice when you’re in New Zealand as it connects to any of their servers in Australia.

Yes, you can use NordVPN to download music and access more content from Spotify! It’s also useful in locations where the Spotify app isn’t accessible. With NordVPN, you can unblock Spotify anywhere!

Yes, you can. This lets you continue with the VPN experience without any hassles. Simply go to your Nord Account and select “Change Plan” with the subscription you prefer.