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Urban VPN

Urban VPN was founded in 2018 as a P2P-powered VPN. It’s a subsidiary of Urban Cyber Security, one of the most reliable private networks in the world. They have a team of 30 experts who worked on Urban VPN to become a free online security solution for everyone. Urban VPN is compatible with most apps, platforms, and operating systems. 

Urban VPN is downloaded directly from the website. As the internet expands to new horizons and technology is continuously innovating, we can expect Urban VPN to develop more free high-quality security services. You’ve nothing to worry about extra fees because Urban VPN doesn’t have any hidden charges and won’t compromise your security to any third party. Thousands of people around the world have already downloaded Urban VPN’s free security solution, and you can join them too! Urban VPN reviews are proof of high-quality features. 

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Why entrust your digital security with Urban VPN?

Urban VPN has servers in over  81 locations worldwide, built with a powerful encryption to make your online activity private and secure. It also has free and unlimited bandwidth that’s suitable for streaming videos in HD. If you need any assistance, they have a dedicated customer service team available 24/7. Urban VPN is a great choice when you want a simple but effective security solution.

Is Urban VPN right for you?

Urban VPN is 100% free and for non-commercial use. It’s your go-to solution when you need immediate digital protection. It has over 6 browser add-ons, 3 lifestyle VPN solutions, 6 VPN for platforms, and 7 VPN for apps that you can download on your devices. No worries, as Urban VPN downloading is easy — and you can do this anytime, anywhere. Take back your internet freedom with Urban VPN!

Types of Urban VPN Products

Browser Add-Ons

Safeguard your digital security in every click and site visits. Get Urban VPN and download on your browsers for layered protection whenever you surf the internet.

Lifestyle VPN Solutions

If you’re a gamer, then you need a VPN to secure your gaming devices which are also the target of hackers and snoopers. You can also optimise your gaming experience by accessing more content and bypassing geo-restrictions.

VPN for Platforms

Browse safely on multiple devices, especially when you’re always travelling. Urban VPN downloads on many platforms and can be found from Google Play as well as the Apple Store.

VPN for Applications

Because Urban VPN has unlimited bandwidth, you can stream videos in HD without experiencing any speed loss. You can also access streaming sites like Netflix and social media accounts wherever you are.

Urban VPN FAQs

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With Urban VPN, you don’t need to worry about “having a catch.” Urban VPN is P2P-powered and makes use of the Hola-type system. It’s 100% safe to use in any of your devices. It doesn’t sell you anything or require you to pay for a subscription just to access all the features.

It has all the essential features to make your online activity anonymous and high-quality: DNS Leak Protection, remote access, P2P, policy management (policy updates, regulations, compliance, and the like), multi-lingual browsing, and multi-protocol.

Yes. Urban VPN reviews your concerns as soon as they’re received thanks to a 24/7 customer service.