What is Fibre Broadband and why is it Important?

Date Jun 2, 2020
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By Staff Writer


Fibre broadband is New Zealand’s fastest internet connection currently available. It uses fibre optics and light to deliver data much faster than a standard ADSL or VDSL connection. 


The key difference between fibre and other internet connections is that it uses lightweight fibre optic cables, instead of the standard copper lines. It sends data close to the speed of light, which is why fibre is able to achieve such ultra-fast speeds.


Fibre broadband is the global standard for broadband, and is seen to be the way of the future for NZ. Kiwis first had access to a fibre broadband connection back in 2010, and it has since been installed in over 200,000 homes, businesses, schools and medical facilities across the country.


If you’re still on a VDSL or ADSL internet connection, you might want to consider having fibre installed in your home. Let’s take a further look into this ultra fast internet connection and how you can benefit from it...



Using fast fibre broadband to stream the latest HD movies



What is fibre broadband?


Fibre broadband is the latest advancement in broadband technology - it promises stable and super fast speeds for all of your everyday internet needs. Its name comes from using glass or plastic cables, which allows for much faster data transfer than any other type of broadband connection.


Other than providing faster speeds and using different cables, it’s quite similar to other standard connections like ADSL or VDSL. Fibre doesn’t require any fancy equipment or software on your end - if you’re able to get fibre in your area, your internet service provider will take care of the installation.


There are a number of different methods for having fibre installed in your property, depending on the infrastructure available. However, a standard installation will involve a technician coming to your property  and building fibre from the street to your property, connecting it to a small box outside your house called an external termination point (ETP).


Once fibre is built to the outside of your house, a technician will take the fibre from the ETP and connect it to another small box inside your house, called an optical network terminal (ONT). The ONT is then connected to your modem, leaving you with an ultra fast and reliable broadband connection.


Benefits of fibre broadband


Fastest internet connection available


With a standard ADSL or VDSL internet connection, you’re likely to be getting speeds of around 1MBps to 40MBps. Fibre broadband, on the other hand, offers faster download speeds (typically three times or more) and faster upload speeds (10 times or more)!


This can have a dramatic effect on your streaming time - for example; downloading a HD movie on a regular connection can take up to an hour to complete. Downloading the same movie with a fibre connection would take less than five minutes!


With old copper lines being unable to compete with the new fibre optic cables, there’s no argument that fibre broadband is the fastest internet connection around.


Reliable and stable broadband speeds


When you have fibre broadband connected in your home or business, you can expect your upload/download speeds to be much more consistent and reliable. 


Broadband connections that use an ADSL or VDSL connection are likely to experience a number of inconsistencies associated with the old copper lines for data transmission. 


Fibre uses cables that are made of glass, and therefore they don’t generate electricity. This reduces the chance of interference with your connection, giving you reliable and stable broadband speeds.


Easily stream on multiple devices


In today’s digitally connected world, it’s likely that in your home, there are multiple people using the internet at the same time. With fibre broadband, multiple devices can be connected to the same connection, with no interruptions or slow speeds.


Fibre broadband is well equipped to handle multiple devices simultaneously stream, download, browse and play games online. You can be streaming your favourite Netflix show in one room, while your flatmate is gaming online in the other room - without either of you experiencing any delays!


Cheap fibre plans


Surprisingly, getting speedy and stable speeds with fibre broadband isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. Infact, fibre broadband plans have similar prices to ADSL and VDSL broadband plans.


With New Zealand’s leading internet providers competing against each other for new customer sign ups, many are offering great value, cheap fibre broadband plans. Your average fibre broadband plan will cost between $70 and $110 a month, depending on factors such as whether you sign up on a fixed length contract or not.


Great fibre broadband sign up deals


As well as offering cheap fibre internet plans, many of New Zealand’s top broadband providers are giving new customers amazing deals and benefits when they sign up to a new plan.


From free account credit to free TV subscriptions to free broadband, there are plenty of amazing fibre broadband deals available on offer.


To make the deal even sweeter, a lot of broadband providers even offer free installation and free modem rental when you sign up - meaning no cost to you when you want to switch to fibre.


Can you get fibre?


Although fibre is currently available to more than 75% of Kiwis, the New Zealand government is continuing to work hard to bring ultra fast fibre broadband to the rest of the country. 


Chorus - who are working on installing new fibre-fed cabinets across NZ - are currently working on this suburb by suburb. Since 2015, Chorus have installed more than 1,200 new cabinets to over 50% of rural New Zealand!


If you are still using the old copper lines on an ADSL or VDSL internet connection, you can easily check to see if fibre broadband is available in your area. Simply head on over to the Ultra Fast Fibre Checker and enter your address.


If the fibre broadband checker shows you there is no fibre connection available in your location, hold tight! A fibre-fed cabinet may be getting installed by Chorus soon. The installation process can take up to 14 weeks, however the wait is well worth it for fast fibre broadband.


Get fibre broadband with Glimp


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