What is Naked Broadband?

Date Jun 2, 2020
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By Staff Writer


Naked broadband is an internet connection without a landline or home phone. It’s referred to as “naked broadband” because it doesn’t come with any add ons... it really is just broadband. As there is no home phone service with naked broadband, plans are generally a lot cheaper than landline + internet packages.


Over the past few years, more and more Kiwis have ditched their landline, and are now relying solely on their mobile phones to communicate and stay connected. This has made naked broadband one of the leading internet plans for both homes and businesses throughout New Zealand.


Many types of users have benefitted from switching to a naked broadband plan - from students living in apartments to families out in the suburbs and everyone in between. Let’s look deeper into naked broadband and how this type of internet plan could benefit your household.


Pros of naked broadband


It’s easy to see why so many Kiwis are making the switch to naked broadband plans! Let’s look at all of the benefits that come with naked broadband...


Pro 1: Cheaper internet


The first and most obvious advantage of naked broadband is that it’s cheaper than landline broadband plans. There’s no point in paying for a landline if you only use your mobile phone to make calls! By cutting out the landline from your broadband package, you could be saving upwards of $100 a year.


Take a look at some great value broadband packages here to see just how much you can save by switching to an internet only plan.


Pro 2: Easy set up


Although you don’t get a home landline with naked broadband, providers will still make use of your existing copper telephone lines to provide access during setup (for ADSL and VDSL internet connections). With no additional wiring required, you won’t have to pay for expensive upgrades to your current phone system.


Want to see if you can upgrade from an ADSL or VDSL connection and join the fibre network? Check out the Chorus Fibre Broadband Checker here.


Pro 3: Competitive prices


As naked broadband plans have become increasingly popular over the past few years, many providers are offering great bundle deals as well as very competitive prices for new customer sign ups. 


One particular deal that has been getting a lot of attention is from Orcon. When you sign up to their unlimited broadband plan, you’ll get ½ price off the first 6 months - that’s only $42.48 a month!


To check out this deal as well as other great sign up deals, head on over to our online comparison tool. You can compare naked broadband providers such as Slingshot, Vodafone, Spark, Nova, Now and more.


Cons of naked broadband


While there are many benefits to switching over to a naked broadband connection, it does come with a few disadvantages, for some users. Before deciding if a no-landline internet package is best for you, take a look a the cons of naked broadband...


Con 1: Not available everywhere


Unfortunately, naked broadband isn’t available everywhere - some rural areas may not be eligible for setup. Some providers can set up the service from an inactive phone line, however other providers do require an active phone line before they can set up your internet connection. 


Con 2: Busy phone lines


For naked broadband connections that make use of the spare phone lines, they may experience spotty connections when phone usage becomes heavy. When there’s extra call volume - like during the holidays or when long distance rates are lower - you could experience difficulties during this time.


Con 3: No more landline


For those who have had a home phone in their household for the majority of their lives, you may end up missing it once it’s gone!


When you can’t find your mobile phone or the battery is dead, you might regret getting rid of the trusty, traditional home landline. However, many providers are usually happy to add landline rental back to your plan if required.


How to switch to Naked Broadband


Have you decided that a naked broadband plan is the way to go? Great! It’s actually easier than you may think to find the right plan for your needs and make the switch. 


Head on over to the Compare Bear comparison tool where you can compare the latest broadband providers and plans according to your internet needs. We’ll list the cheapest naked broadband plans available in your area, with all the information you need on speed, data allowance, contract and setup costs.


Many New Zealand internet providers - such as Orcon, Slingshot and MyRepublic - offer free setup and free modem rental when you sign up, so you don’t have to stress about set up costs when you switch to a new provider. 


Once you’ve chosen a plan, it’s easy to switch - just hit “select plan” and we’ll direct you to your new provider who will help you make the switch over to your new naked broadband plan.