Work-From-Home Jobs That Need Fast And Stable Internet

Date Nov 4, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Many office-based jobs are now proven to work just as well remotely. With the right tools and drivers, they can be as productive and as effective even without face-to-face interaction. Some workers may get even more productive and efficient when at home!

One of the most important tools for work-from-home jobs is an ultra-fast broadband plan. As updates, tasks, and other duties are relayed over the internet, it’s essential to have a stable connection for a seamless, uninterrupted workflow.

Here are the top work-from-home jobs that require fast internet.

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VAs) aid businesses that partially or fully operate online. They help with operations and administrative tasks such as writing and responding to emails, creating business documents, and responding to client enquiries. They need a stable internet connection and reliable device to work efficiently as a VA.

An internet speed of at least 24Mbps download and 8Mbps upload is needed to produce quality VA work. While you can still work efficiently with lower speeds, these numbers are the most ideal to create quality and quantity work with a speedy pace.

2. Web Developer

Web developers can work remotely full-time with very little supervision. With only a speedy connection and a trusty work device, you can already create and maintain websites. Another great thing is they’re one of the largest earners in New Zealand, with an average salary of around $110,000 per year.

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Web developers need to be quick on their feet — so the faster the internet, the better. They need at least a standard fibre broadband plan with 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload. This allows them to update the website with just the blink of an eye.

3. Social Media Manager

Most businesses now venture to reach the market on social media. Social media managers help businesses grow their reach and potential through constant engagements, boost posting, advertisement listing, automated replies, and more. They also don’t need a big space to work; they can work even at the comfort of their homes.

With just an internet with speeds of 10Mbps download and 1Mbps upload, they can already do all the required tasks. However, uploading HD videos on different social platforms may require a higher internet speed of at least 25Mbps.

4. Project Manager

Working with different people is hard, but imagine how much harder it is when done remotely. Project Managers — and basically all types of managerial jobs — go through countless Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangout meetings, and this work demands stable and fast internet. Their job also runs on project management softwares to check on productivity and maintain overall efficiency of the projects.

Here are some guides on the minimum internet speeds when using the following video call options:


Type of call Download speed Upload speed
Single screen 2.0Mbps 2.0Mbps
Dual screen 4.0Mbps 2.0Mbps
Triple screen 6.0Mbps 2.0Mbps
Screen sharing only  150-300kbps 150-300kbps
Audio VoIP 60-80kbps 60-80kbps

Source: Zoom

Google Hangouts

Type of call Outbound Inbound
Minimum bandwidth required 300kbps 300kbps
Two-person video calls 3.2mbps 2.6mbps
Group video calls (5 participants) 3.2mbps 3.2mbps
Group video calls (10+ participants) 3.2mbps 4.0mbps
Hangouts changes how much bandwidth is used based on your network.

Source: Google Hangouts


Type of call Download speed Upload speed
Voice call 200kbps 100kbps
Video call* (2 participants) 600kbps 600kbps
Video call* (3 participants) 2Mbps 600kbps
Video call* (5+ participants) 4Mbps 600kbps
*Requirements are the same for screen sharing.

Source: Skype

5. Multimedia artists

Multimedia artists work on photo, audio, and video editing, infographics, motion graphics, website design, decks, and other creative, bandwidth-heavy projects. Usually, they work hand-in-hand with social media managers, writers, and marketing associates to produce works that align with the business’ marketing plan and creative direction.

They don’t need a high-speed internet connection when they’re designing only. However, they may need at least 100Mbps download and 20Mbps upload to render videos, and send large files and final outputs to teams and respective clients.

6. Data Entry

A wide variety of businesses deal with different data. Data entries — also called encoders — handle shipment inventories, business plans, performance measurements, and other statistics. They need advanced computer skills and above-average typing skills to manage all these data quickly and correctly.

An internet speed of at least 70Mbps download and 10Mbps upload are ideal in this job. Having a reliable wireless broadband is also essential because data entry may require you to recheck and recompute data whenever possible.

7. Customer service representatives

Customer service representatives (CSRs) are an essential part of the workforce for many businesses, especially the retail industry. Companies need someone to answer questions, assist customers, process orders and returns, and deal with complaints and issues. While CSRs can work from home, they may need specific software and equipments set up for them.

Aside from an internet speed of at least 24Mbps download and 8Mbps upload, they need to have specialised voice phones and software for pulling up chat boxes, orders, and more. As they work with customers real-time, their internet needs to be stable all the time.

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