The Best Broadband Providers For Streaming

Date Jul 14, 2021
Blog category Broadband
By Staff Writer

Streaming is not just watching your favorite shows online. Another example is gamers broadcasting their gameplay and daily lives on different digital platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or Instagram. That’s why a lot of broadband providers offer deals and inclusions towards streaming.

NZ Broadband providers such as Stuff Fibre, MyRepublic, 2degrees, and Vodafone offer a wide range of high-tech routers in their specialised plans. They offer deals for as low as $100 with different contract terms and inclusions.

To ensure internet connection without lag, they offer speeds of up to 1Gbps! Some deals even reach as fast as 8Gbps!

If you’re into streaming, podcasting, and sharing your life on the internet, it's best to get a broadband plan specifically designed for streaming. Take a look at the best fibre internet providers in NZ in this list.


MyRepublic: Best provider for gamers and live streamers

With their gamer, landline, and static IP address support, MyRepublic is often considered one of the best broadband providers in New Zealand. You can trust their ultra-fast fibre internet speeds of up to 1Gbps no matter where you are!

Oookla named MyRepublic as the provider with the fastest fixed network in quarters one and two of 2020. They’re rated as the number one performer for Steam — a video game digital distribution service. Aside from gamers, casual streamers can trust MyRepublic as they’re also rated the number one performer for Netflix.

To maximise ultra-fast speeds, you can select from their wide selection of routers: BYOD, tp-link Archer VR1600v for $5 per month, ASUS RT-AX3000 for $15 per month, tp-link AX11000 for $35 per month. These are packed with different network technologies for wired and wireless connections. This should be sufficient to cover small to medium-sized houses.

VDSL/ Fibre 100/ Fibre 200 Gamer VDSL/ Fibre 100/ Fibre 200 Fibre Pro* Gamer Fibre Pro*
Price $75 per month $80 per month $89 per month** $99 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 100/ 20Mbps 950 /500Mbps 950 /500Mbps
Contract 12-months/ No fixed term 12-months/ No fixed term 12-months/ No fixed term 12-months/ No fixed term
Modem Free rental/ BYOD Free rental/ BYOD Free rental/ BYOD Free rental/ BYOD
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95 $14.95 $14.95
Installation cost $0 $0 $0 $0
Termination cost Up to $240 Up to $240 Up to $240 Up to $240

*Get $100 account credits for new customers
**Price increases to $95 per month after the 12-months term ends

Stuff Fibre: Best provider with no-fuss extras and promos

Having plenty of options is great, but it’s not for everyone. Most of the time, Kiwis just want something that works well for their needs. For no-fuss options and promotions, Stuff Fibre is here for you! 

Their Boost Plan with up to 950Mbps can handle 4K streaming comfortably. While they’re confident about their services, Stuff Fibre also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee if you experience lags while you watch your favourite show. Best of all, you can get the first 6 months of your plan for half the price if you commit to their 24-month term.

Their router options include a free plug-and-play gigabit router, perfect for non-techie Kiwis who like streaming. If you still experience lag, you can purchase an upgraded router for a one-off payment of $299, to get a faster and more secured connection.

Base Plan Boost Plan
Price $84.95 per month $94.95 per month
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 950/ 400Mbps
Contract 12-months/ 24-months/ no fixed term* 12-months/ 24-months/ no fixed term*
Modem Free rental/ Upgraded router for $299 Free rental/ Upgraded router for $299
Modem postage $14.95 $14.95
Installation cost $0-$49.50 $0-$49.50
Termination cost Up to $99 Up to $99

*The 12-months term offers your plan for 4-months half-price, while the 24-months term for 6-months half-price.


2degrees: Best provider with plenty of big benefits

If you want big extras like a free Amazon Prime Video included on your broadband plan, look no further than 2degrees! They offer this free benefit for up to 12 months. As a mobile provider, you can also snag a $10 per month discount if you have an existing pay monthly mobile plan.

Stripping all these benefits, 2degrees offers some of the fastest fibre internet speeds throughout New Zealand. With their widespread networks of towers, their Ultimate Unlimited Fibre of up to 900Mbps is sure to work even for heavy high-definition streaming! These speeds should be more than enough even for the simultaneous use of 5 people or more.

The perks don’t end there! They have a big markdown of up to $16 per month on all their broadband plans. These deals include a standard free installation and a modem rental if you commit to their 12-month contract. In cases of a broadband outage, 2degress adds extra data credits on your mobile plan to keep you connected through your phone.

Unlimited Ultimate Unlimited
Price $75 per month (Was $89 per month) $90 per month (Was $106 per month)
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Speed 100/ 20Mbps 900/ 400Mbps
Contract 12-months/ no contract term* 12-months/ no contract term*
Modem Free rental/ $165 (no-contract) Free rental/ $165 (no-contract)
Modem postage $15 $15
Installation cost $0-$49.50 $0-$49.50
Termination cost Up to $199 Up to $199

*Free standard installation, free modem rental and the free Amazon Prime Video for a year are available on a 12-months contract only.

What makes a broadband plan excellent for streaming?

Of course, if it doesn’t lag while you stream your favourite shows or doesn’t hold you back while you broadcast your games, then it’s a great internet provider for your needs. But if your broadband provider doesn’t offer seamless connection as much as you’d like, here are some factors that make for excellent streaming.

Download speeds

The higher the download speed, the better for streaming. If you have fibre, you don’t have to think much about this. For most households, even a plan with 100Mbps download speed is more than enough for most households with 4-5 people. However, this may not be the case if your provider doesn’t have excellent services in your area.

To make sure your broadband provider offers the best internet connection at your address, use our broadband comparison tool, right here at CompareBear. We list the best and most exclusive internet plans at your address.


Your broadband plan shouldn not only be fast; it should also be reliable! No one wants their streaming to lose video quality in the middle of the show, right? An excellent broadband plan must be stable all throughout your streaming. To determine how reliable your broadband plan is, run an internet speed test from a reliable NZ website.

Our broadband speed test in NZ determines your download and upload speeds as well as ping and jitter. The lower the ping and jitter, the less likely your internet speed will drop in the middle of your stream.

Fixed connection

A lot of streaming can now be done wirelessly. Wireless technologies keep on getting better that they can already handle even the heaviest streaming needs. However, a fixed connection is always the best option. As you tap directly into your router, you’re less likely to experience connection drops and lags.

For the best fixed fibre connections at your address, search for the best plans, right here at CompareBear. We have a wide range of fibre plans, costing anywhere between less than a hundred bucks and a hundred and fifty. Compare, switch, and save today.