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AA Car Insurance Plans

AA Insurance in NZ are considered to be one of the most recognised and respected car insurance companies in the country. AA Car Insurance works hard to understand what Kiwi drivers need from their policy, allowing them to craft a range of offers that suits a variety of different driving needs. AA’s insurance policies are very flexible, easily allowing drivers to expand their coverage to include things like towing services or windshield protection.

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AA’s car insurance plans come in three options: full comprehensive cover, third party cover, or specialty vehicle cover. Specialty cover is for other vehicles like caravans, trailers, motorbikes, classic cars, and others.

AA Insurance was voted as Reader’s Digest ‘Most Trusted General Insurer’ for nine years running now, and it’s not hard to understand why. Their exceptional service places the needs of their customers first, with a dedicated team helping those unfamiliar with the process get acquainted with how everything works. This of course extends to AA Vehicle Insurance; trusted by many Kiwi drivers for providing them with the peace of mind they need out on the road.

Their friendly customer service team are always ready to help in case you need to make a claim, guiding you from beginning to end. Likewise, it’s not hard to get an AA insurance quote for your vehicle, regardless of the type of coverage you need.

AA Car Insurance works with a nationwide group of trusted vehicle repairers for your peace of mind and speed of service. All your insurance repairs are guaranteed for life, even if you decide to resell your vehicle!

AA’s car insurance plans based on coverage

Check out the selection of AA’s car insurance plans that we compare. Take out more than one eligible insurance policy, and see if you are eligible for their Multi Policy Discount! Make the easy switch to AA Car Insurance today! 

Comprehensive car cover

Offers full protection for your car, as well as damage you might cause to other cars or property should you be involved in an accident.

Third party

This is their basic car insurance level. Covers only damage you cause to someone else’s vehicle or property, but not your own.

Third party, fire & theft

Cover for your car in case it gets stolen or damaged in a fire. It also includes cover should you accidentally damage someone else’s vehicle or property.

Specialty Cover

Aside from their car insurance offerings, AA also offers specialty cover for other vehicle types as well. These can range from motorcycles, caravans, trailers, and even classic cars and motorhomes.

Compare AA Vehicle Insurance quotes with the help of CompareBear! We’ve gathered the latest details on their insurance plans below. Choose a plan that suits your needs and sign up today!