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Allianz Car Insurance in NZ

Initially started as The Manufacturer’s Mutual Insurance Association Limited back in 1914, Allianz Insurance has since grown to be a top insurance provider in NZ, thanks to their long years of operation. Their solid selection of financial products and worldwide support network and partner agents allows them to provide this necessary service across a wider audience. So when it comes to your daily driving needs, you can be confident in knowing that Allianz Car Insurance has your back at all times!

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Why should you choose Allianz Car Insurance?

Allianz offers car insurance that works for an array of different budget levels, ranging from a comprehensive policy to a more budget-oriented third-party policy. Their strong experience has allowed them to craft an easy-to-understand car insurance application process that makes it so that newcomers aren’t lost when looking where to start!

Types of Allianz Car Insurance policies in NZ

Comprehensive car insurance

This is Allianz Insurance’s full car cover policy, protecting your vehicle from a wide array of scenarios. It covers legal liability in case of an accident while also paying for damages your car sustained in the incident. In addition to these benefits, Allianz also offers liability protection should you get into an incident when using a substitute vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Third-party car insurance

Third-party cover is a budget level insurance policy that covers only other people’s property. It doesn’t cover any damages to your car. This is okay for people who are confident in their ability to get their car repaired or for those who don’t really use their car often in NZ.

Third-party, fire and theft insurance

This covers up to $1 million for damages to other people’s car or property should you be involved in an accident. It also covers you for damages resulting from fire or theft, giving it just a bit more benefit over the standard third-party policy.

Allianz Rental Car Insurance

As part of their travel insurance policy, it may be possible to avail of Allianz Rental Car Insurance should you need protection while driving abroad. While it’s not always necessary, especially when only travelling for a short time, having the collision damage waiver will at least cover you should the rental car be damaged or stolen, potentially preventing further problems later.

Allianz Car Insurance FAQ

How do I ensure my cover from Allianz Insurance remains in effect?

Aside from just paying your premiums, all drivers in charge of the vehicle need to ensure the vehicle remains safe for driving in. The following responsibilities are expected from policyholders:

  • Avoiding reckless actions that can cause damage or loss of the vehicle
  • Informing the police of incidents involving your vehicle
  • Providing the full information regarding any claims you make
  • Not starting repairs without prior approval from Allianz
What are the other exclusions in my Allianz Car Insurance policy?

Loss or damage to tyres, unless they were damaged around the same time as the other insured parts of the vehicle

  • Depreciation and standard wear and tear of the vehicle
  • Defects from bad workmanship and substandard materials from the manufacturing process
  • Damages caused by calamities covered under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993