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AMI Car Insurance

Voted as a highly trusted provider for 5 years running now, AMI Insurance in NZ are renowned for their exceptional customer service, as well as their highly competitive insurance quotes. With over 500,000 customers and 60 stores throughout New Zealand, and having been in operation for more than 90 years, AMI Car Insurance have been a popular option for many Kiwi drivers.

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When it comes to automobiles, every driver has different tastes and preferences, and AMI Vehicle Insurance understands that. In order to accommodate a wide variety of drivers and budgets, AMI Car Insurance comes in three levels: third party cover, third party with fire and theft cover, and full comprehensive cover. Drivers can also choose to purchase additional coverage with their AMI insurance policy. Optional add-ons can include rental vehicle cover, breakdown services, under 25 cover, and even medical expenses.

On top of their dedication to customer service, AMI Car Insurance in NZ offer other great benefits. From no-claims bonuses to multiple policy discounts, they give Kiwis additional incentives to sign up, raising the value of their insurance policy.

Take all these factors into consideration and it’s easy to see why so many people trust AMI Insurance. NZ has regarded them as one of the country’s top insurers, recognising their commitment to putting customers at the heart of what they do. AMI Car Insurance constantly strives to provide the best solution for NZ drivers, for whatever purpose they need.

AMI’s car insurance plans based on coverage

With three different insurance types to choose from, Kiwi drivers are easily able to find an AMI insurance quote that best fits their needs and budget. Each policy comes with their own set of add-ons, leading to greater flexibility and allowing drivers to expand their cover to include needs often overlooked in many basic policies.

AMI full comprehensive cover

This policy offers the greatest coverage, insuring your vehicle from accidents, theft, fire, vandalism, and even storm damage. They also help pay for any damages you might accidentally cause to another person’s car or property. They also offer the following bonuses within this policy:

freeBmax : This enables you to make up to two claims within a 12 month period without affecting your no claims bonus, provided you qualify for the benefit.
Trailer cover: You are covered for any loss or damage to a trailer you own and use for up to $600.
Repair Guarantee: AMI Vehicle Insurance guarantees that all repair work is carried out by their approved partners.

In addition to these benefits, AMI’s comprehensive car cover also enables you to include add-ons like:

  • Under 25 cover
  • Rental vehicle option
  • Glass excess buy-out
  • Breakdown service

AMI third party, fire and theft cover

This type of coverage protects your vehicle in the event of fire damage, as well as a payout should the vehicle be stolen. It also includes cover to pay for any damage you cause to someone else’s car or property. Optional extras include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Glass breakage
  • Accidental death

AMI third party cover

This is the budget option offered by AMI Car Insurance in NZ. It pays for the damages you may cause to another vehicle or property, but does not shoulder repairs for your own. It still comes with its own benefits:

  • freeBmax
  • Multisaver discount