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Autosure Insurance

Autosure NZ is among the top car insurance providers, offering customer-centric services since 1986. For over 30 years, they’ve dedicated themselves to supporting Kiwis through their products and customer support team. They have account managers and consultancy services across major cities in New Zealand. So you’re rest assured that they’re always one-call away for any of your concerns. 

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Why sign up with Autosure Insurance?

Autosure is a local car insurance company built to give Kiwis the option to protect their vehicles. They have their policies underwritten by two of the most reliable and trusted insurance companies in the country — DPL insurance Limited and Vero Insurance NZ.

Autosure Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

For Kiwis driving pre-owned cars, Autosure offers Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) for the repair of mechanical and electrical parts of your car. You can get discounts if you encounter unforeseen breakdown during your drive.

Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance

GAP protects you against losses if your vehicle is declared a total loss or if your vehicle insurer paid less than the outstanding amount to your car loan lender. You’re entitled to a $100,000 maximum loan for a term of 60 months.

Autosure Insurance Policies

Comprehensive Everyday Plus

This type of car insurance features the following:

  • 1-year new for old car replacement
  • Lifetime guarantee on repairs arranged by Autosure
  • Personal property liability up to $500 for stolen or accidents involving your car
  • Replacement of stolen keys and locks up to $1000
  • Hire car after theft up to 14 days

Third Party, Fire & Theft

Your vehicle is covered for damages involving fire or stolen, and accidents. This features the following:

  • Transport cover
  • Replacement car cover
  • Damages by uninsured drivers
  • Emergency travel
  • Accommodation and repairs
  • Damaged properties in an incident involving your car up to $500
  • Hire car after theft

Third Party Property

This covers your liability for damage caused by another person. This features the following:

  • Transport cover
  • Replacement car cover
  • Damage by uninsured drivers

Autosure Insurance FAQs

How do I make a claim with Autosure NZ?

Autosure claims can be made easier with the help of their friendly response team. You can contact them 0800 267 873 or visit their website to know how their claim policy.

Can I call Autosure Insurance in case of a flat tyre?

Autosure has an Emergency Roadside Assistance that you can contact at 00900 581 581.

Can I cancel my Autosure policy?

You have 21 days from the time of issuance to cancel your policy with Autosure NZ. For other enquiries, consult with Autosure agents near your area.