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Club Auto Insurance in NZ

Do you find yourself having a hard time getting car insurance? Ever find yourself disadvantaged because of your choice of vehicle, your previous accidents, or maybe even a few driving offenses? Club Auto Insurance have you covered. Launched in 2009, Club Auto NZ seeks to help people with these specific circumstances acquire cover for their vehicles.

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Their support staff is expertly trained, while their management team have over 50 years of experience in motor insurance that specialises in modified vehicles. Utilising all this expertise, Club Auto Insurance designed a range of vehicle insurance products capable of meeting a variety of different car specifications and drivers’ needs.

Club Auto NZ offers three main types of cover for motorists: They have their “Auto One” Insurance policy, which provides the highest and largest coverage for all sorts of vehicles. Then there is their “Shock Absorber” policy which is a budget option expandable to cover both fire damage and theft. Finally, their “Free Wheel” cover is suited for motorbike owners.

Club Auto NZ rewards careful drivers who do not make a claim with discounts on their premiums. This increases every year upon renewal of their policy, until the maximum discount value is reached. Additionally, they also offer the option of a free refund on their customers’ premium within 30 days, if they think the policy is not working out for them. Otherwise, it’s also easy enough to adjust the policy to something more appropriate for their specific needs.

Club Auto Insurance believes that the best car insurance should be simple and good value for money. With their wide range of benefits and coverage, it’s good to be part of the club at Club Auto NZ.

Club Auto Insurance in NZ: Coverage levels

Club Auto NZ offers two main levels of coverage for car owners, along with specialized insurance options for motorcycle and taxi drivers. Get a Club Auto Insurance Quote today!

“Auto One” Club Auto Insurance

Club Auto’s comprehensive car cover solution is perfect for insuring what is possibly your second most expensive asset. It provides you with the peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is well-insured from a variety of risks that drivers face everyday.

Auto One allows you to choose your own repairer for your vehicle, or you can stick with a trusted Club Auto recommended repairer - in which case, all those repairs have a lifetime guarantee. It also offers discounts on your premiums, should you insure more than one vehicle under Club Auto Insurance in NZ.

“Shock Absorber” Club Auto Insurance

Seen as a budget option for drivers, this cover insures you in the event that you cause damage or harm to another person or their property. Drivers have the option to add fire and theft to this Club Auto Insurance quote for added coverage. The Shock Absorber policy is also perfect for tourists who are buying or borrowing a vehicle to use for traveling in NZ.

Club Auto NZ SOS Roadside Assistance

SOS Roadside Assistance is Club Auto’s 24-hour motor vehicle breakdown service. Their operators are all trained and skilled technicians and mechanics, easily accessible with a quick phone call.