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Cove Insurance NZ

Founded by and made for by the people of New Zealand, Cove Car Insurance seeks to innovate and simplify the insurance process, eliminating any barriers towards providing vehicle cover for everyone in NZ. They have done away with complex paperwork, long questionnaires, and frustrating call centers normally associated with insurance companies. Instead, Cove Insurance in NZ have moved on with the times, integrating technology with well-trained customer service, and taking out the stress involved with your policy.

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Cove Car Insurance provides only one level of car insurance, believing that it ticks all of the right boxes and appeals to a wide range of driver preferences. Their comprehensive insurance policy already includes fire damage and theft, along with expanded coverage to cover a new car, trailer, or emergency accommodation. It even provides a replacement car depending on the circumstances, as well as replacements for lost keys and locks.

Cove Insurance in NZ keeps everything simple by not bundling features and extras you might not need. However, for those who require some of these extras, they are also free to add these on to their existing Cove car insurance policy.  Extras include roadside assistance, courtesy car hire, windscreen damage, and more. This now saves you time and money, while still retaining the option of being flexible with the terms of your contract.

Cove Car Insurance makes it easy to manage your policy through their app, available on both desktop and mobile. Their intuitive interface makes navigation a breeze, doing away with all the jargon, and allowing you to find a policy online in as little as two minutes.

Cove Car Insurance policy

As mentioned earlier, Cove offers only one level of policy for drivers. It’s comprehensive cover that already includes fire, theft, third party damage, repairs, emergency accommodation, and more. Upon taking out a policy with Cove Car Insurance, it’s also easy enough to track and manage your expenses with the Cove App.

You can also add on additional benefits like courtesy car hire and roadside assistance. Of course, you would need to get in touch with a Cove representative in order to adequately discuss what your insurance includes and excludes prior to purchase.

Cove Insurance NZ: FAQ

Is the comprehensive car insurance policy an agreed value or market value policy?

Cove Car Insurance follows an agreed value policy, so in the event of a total loss claim, you will be reimbursed with the sum of the amount insured and recorded on your contract.

Is glass cover included?

Damage to your windscreen and windows is covered under the standard policy, though excesses apply. It’s also possible to get this as an add-on, allowing you to file a claim for these items without an excess.

Are there other insurance options at Cove?

At this time, Cove Car Insurance only offers a comprehensive policy, which already covers a wide range of incidents. Cove’s insurance policy takes pride in being quite affordable, starting from as little as $29.16 a month.