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FMG Car Insurance

FMG is known to provide farmers and rural clients with the best insurance policies for their vehicles, boats, horses, and many more. Over the years, they’ve earned over 96,000 customers from 30 different offices nationwide. Aside from car insurance, they also cover your employee or rental house including patios, tennis courts, driveways, garages, sheds, fences, and pools.

If you’re looking to protect your vehicles, you can choose from FMG’s insurance plans or find the right policy when you compare here at CompareBear!

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Why sign up with FMG Insurance NZ?

FMG Insurance NZ is owned and operated by farmers themselves. They focus on giving their clients the best protection for their vehicles. Being the country’s leading rural insurance company, FMG provides farmers and growers with personalised insurance covers to meet their needs at home or on the land.

Types of FMG car insurance policies

Superior Private Vehicles policy

This is FMG’s comprehensive car plan, which includes cover for accidental loss, legal liability, damage to your vehicle, and extra benefits such as: 

  • New vehicle replacement
  • Accidental loss for domestic trailer up to $1,000
  • Replacement or repair of broken windscreens, headlamps, windows caused by accidental loss. No excess needed.
  • Replacement of lost or stolen keys without paying for the excess.
  • Cost for hiring a replacement vehicle up to $100 a day while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced.

Essential Private Vehicles policy

This is a third party cover policy that coversfor accidents caused by fire, theft or lightning. You can adjust the level of coverage and allow you to choose from options like:

  • Third party only
  • Third party with fire and theft
  • Fire and theft
  • Fire only
  • You can also choose coverage for events like storms, vandalism, or malicious acts.

FMG car insurance FAQs

How do I make a claim with FMG?

FMG car insurance claims can be requested through their insurance service, FMG Connect. You can also contact them at 0800 366 466.

What losses am I not insured for?

Losses for defective work in the car’s design are not covered under FMG’s comprehensive insurance policy. However, this only applies to the part of the vehicle first affected by loss arising from these problems. General wear and tear resulting from use, deterioration, rust, and corrosion are not covered by your insurance policy as well.

Does FMG Insurance cover loss from terrorism?

A part of FMG’s car insurance policy is accidental loss caused by terrorism. However, FMG will not cover loss connected to terrorism using nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.

Are there specific uses that I won’t be covered for?

FMG will not pay out for any loss or liability if the car is used for carrying goods, motor trade, sales or collection, driver instruction.

Likewise, you won’t get paid for any loss or liability if the vehicle is used by third persons such as a person acting as a commission agent, insurance representatives, commercial travellers, or company representatives, among other things.