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State Car Insurance in NZ

Protecting Kiwis since their humble beginnings back in 1905, State has provided over 900,000 policies for more than 400,000 Kiwis. They work hard to build a better understanding of Kiwi drivers’ needs, becoming one of New Zealand’s leading insurance providers. 

State Car Insurance run their business with the customer at the centre of everything they do. To cover a whole array of driver’s needs and budgets, State Vehicle Insurance offers three levels of coverage on their policies: full comprehensive cover, third party only and third party fire and theft.

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Optional add-ons for comprehensive cover are also available for anyone who needs the extra protection for their peace of mind. Whether you need roadside assistance, windscreen glass cover or even another car for hire (should your own vehicle be compromised), State Car Insurance have all the additional add-ons you need. They also offer different payment options, and you can choose to pay fortnightly, monthly, or even annually should you wish.

State’s multi-policy discount can also apply if you have contents insurance with them, saving you up to 10% on your State car insurance premiums. Likewise, they also offer incentives should drivers opt to apply for a policy online. You can also lodge your claim online, eliminating the need for complicated paperwork. Insure your motor vehicle today with State car insurance.

State Car Insurance policy levels

State Car Insurance offers vehicle insurance in three levels. Each of them offers FlyBuys points on your premiums as well as a special discount everytime you apply online.

Comprehensive policy

This is the highest level of cover State car insurance offers; it covers everything, including accidental loss or damage to your car, fire damage protection, provisions in case the car is stolen, and up to $300 to replace your keys and locks. It also covers transport and towing expenses. 

In addition, State Vehicle Insurance at this level can also cover road clearing expenses from a road or parking area if the accident is covered by the policy.

Third party, fire and theft

This insurance covers loss or damage caused to your car by fire or theft, as well as providing important legal liability protection should you cause damage to another person’s property. Another thing is that it also covers your car for damage caused by uninsured drivers. It’s a good middle option for people looking for intermediate cover, without them having to shellout the premiums for  comprehensive cover.

Third party only

This is considered the all-important liability insurance for driving on the road. State Car Insurance’s third party only policy provides cover for legal liability should you cause damage to another person’s car. Like with the previous option, this option also comes with some degree of protection from uninsured drivers, offering up to $3000 to repair damage to your own car.

While you can do more with comprehensive car cover, a full range of benefits is available at all levels. Third party only policies may be a bit sparse, but State Car Insurance can help with damage to your own car so long as you are able to prove that the other driver is found at fault (by getting their details like their name, address, and contact number).