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The Warehouse Insurance NZ

Founded in 1982, the first Warehouse store opened on Auckland’s North Shore. The Warehouse has since expanded to towns across NZ over the years, eventually becoming the biggest retail group operating in the country. The Warehouse paired a sophisticated business model with a supposed bargain appearance, eventually paving the way towards its use of technology and modern retailing systems. Today, The Warehouse insurance in NZ has now diversified into other products and services, including car insurance.

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Warehouse Insurance was created to help Kiwi families get more out of their everyday financial products and services, from a Kiwi brand with a strong recognition and trust among the local community. They put Kiwis first, ensuring them that good, reliable car cover can be expected from a recognisable brand they trust. They provide flexible coverage for Kiwi drivers of all budgets.

Warehouse Insurance costs ultimately depend on the level of cover you need and the add-ons you include in your policy. You can opt for their Everyday Plus; the comprehensive cover option, or their third party fire and theft or third party only policies, for drivers looking for more budget-friendly options. Optional add-ons can extend your cover even further, though they are mostly available to those opting for the comprehensive Warehouse insurance quote.

Warehouse Insurance in NZ offers a lifetime guarantee on any vehicle repairs arranged, and an agreed value on your motor vehicle. Warehouse Insurance focuses on fast service with the help of technology, letting you process no-stress claims over the phone without any forms needed. With The Warehouse, finding a bargain deal even on insurance does not have to cost you much time and effort.

Warehouse Insurance: Levels of cover

Warehouse has three car insurance policies on offer, depending on the specific needs of your vehicle, as well as your budget:

Everyday Plus car insurance

This is Warehouse’s comprehensive vehicle cover. It covers accidental damage to your car up to the amount you have agreed on in your policy, as well as many optional extras that you can add on to extend your cover. These optional add-ons can include roadside assistance, to help you with sudden breakdowns or if you find yourself in sudden need of fuel or a tyre change.

Warehouse Insurance costs are very flexible, given you the option to pay fortnightly, monthly, or annually.

Third party, fire & theft car insurance

With this policy, you’re covered for damage caused by uninsured drivers, as well as legal liability for any accidental damage you may cause yourself. It retains the flexible payment option from the comprehensive deal and provides protection if the car is damaged in a fire or should the vehicle be stolen.

Third party property car insurance

Warehouse Insurance’s third party only insurance is great for those looking for peace of mind on the road, while operating under a small budget. It protects you from legal liability for damage you may cause to other people’s cars or property, as well as covering any costs you may incur from being damaged by uninsured drivers.