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Westpac Car Insurance

Kiwi drivers have various needs when it comes to car insurance, and that’s why Westpac Car Insurance gives you time to consider whether or not their deals are right for you. Westpac’s car insurance policies come with a 30-day free trial and a full refund on any premiums that you paid, if you decide that the deals aren’t right for you.

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Westpac’s car insurance policies come with three options; comprehensive, third party with fire and theft, and third party only, so drivers can choose which deal suits them the most. Westpac provides car insurance solutions after so many successful years in providing personal and business financial services to thousands of Kiwis.

Westpac NZ covers different types of vehicles - from vans to classic cars and everything in between. They’ll even give you tips and recommendations on getting the most out of your car insurance - like how you can save as much as $100 every year when you choose a higher voluntary excess! Comprehensive car insurance also covers up to $500 in medical expenses and $500 in accidental costs.

24/7 Roadside Assistance is an optional extra in your comprehensive cover  from Westpac car insurance NZ. When you’re on the road and experience a flat tyre or mechanical breakdown, this assistance will be invaluable.

Westpac makes sure that Kiwis and their vehicles are well taken care of, from personal financial assistance to car insurance. The flexibility of Westpac’s car insurance deals suits first-timer needs, and on top of this, assistance is readily available. If this is your first time taking out car insurance, Westpac can make it easy for you.!

Westpac Car Insurance Policies

Westpac’s car insurance policies offer three levels of cover for drivers. You can opt for comprehensive cover, third party with fire and theft, or third party only. All three policies offer coverage that suits different car types and drivers. To give you time in choosing, Westpac offers a free 30-day look, and a full refund on any premiums that you paid if it’s not the right fit for you.

The Comprehensive car insurance policies provides a guarantee on both your car and others’ vehicles and property for accidental damage. Third party car insurance covers damages you’ve done to others’ vehicles or property while driving, but not your own vehicle.  Finally, third party with fire, and theft has similar features, but it offers slightly more coverage as it also protects your car from loss or damage through fire and/or theft. 

You can also add on 24/7 breakdown auto assistance with the comprehensive car insurance policy. Assistance covers your vehicle, no matter who uses it, and is available for 24 hours and 7 days a week. Innocent party protection with a maximum of $3000 is featured in third party with fire, and theft, and in third party car insurance.

Westpac Legacy

Thousands of Kiwis have entrusted Westpac in providing personal and business financial services, 150 years in the making; today, Westpac has over 200 bank branches nationwide.