Support Local: Get Your Favourite NZ Products Wherever You Are In The World

Date Jan 11, 2021
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Editor’s Note: Support Local is CompareBear’s article series featuring Kiwi-owned businesses and local initiatives, as we all help to get our communities back on their feet.

Miss traveling abroad? You’re not alone. As the pandemic continues to cause travel bans in countries around the world, it may not be possible to freely fly internationally without risking your health. New Zealand, on the other hand, might open its doors again sooner than you think. For now though, you can get these local products shipped to your doorstep to satisfy your cravings, and get a feel of NZ.

Manuka Honey 

What is Manuka Honey?

Real Manuka Honey comes from bees native from New Zealand that pollinate Leptospermum Scoparium or also known as the manuka bush. The species can also be found in some places in Australia but are more common in NZ where they produce the flowers that are needed to make the honey itself. 

Similar to other kinds of honey, the Manuka variant has a sharp sweet taste that can be used as a sweetener for tea and coffee. 

How is Manuka Honey different from other honey varieties? 

Studies claim that Manuka Honey can cure different mild illnesses like mild coughs and sore throats, and improve one’s digestive system. It differs from clover and wildflower honey because Manuka has bioactive properties that are believed to contribute to its healing effect on the skin and other external and internal ailments. 

Famous personalities like Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Oprah also prove claims in favor of the Manuka Honey, which makes it famous to ordinary consumers as well. 

Manuka Honey is a favorite NZ product of tourists and can only be accessible in souvenir shops and other local stores in the country. 

Where to get Manuka Honey?

If you’ve had them before while traveling New Zealand, you can enjoy it again by visiting these online shops that offer worldwide shipping: 

Watson & Son 

GreyTown Honey 

Pure New Zealand Honey

Arataki Honey 

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Whittaker’s Chocolate 

Whittaker’s is a New Zealand export that’s included in almost all take home packages found in souvenir shops. They started way back in 1890 when founder J.H. Whittaker moved to New Zealand from Europe and began his own chocolate factory. 

Today, they offer different variants which are Peanut-filled chocolates, with fruits, dark chocolate and white chocolate, among others. 

Where to get Whittaker's Chocolate?

Satisfy your cravings by having them shipped to your home right away. Here’s where you can get this local product for international shipping:

Whittaker's Official Store 

Kiwiana Hampers

Kiwi Grub

Greenstone Jewellery 

What is greenstone?

Greenstone or traditionally called “Pounamu” is a precious stone originating from the Maori people. It is commonly formed into a necklace or pendant which is believed to have a spiritual meaning that connects the wearer with the world. It also represents strength, love, harmony and prosperity, depending on the person who wears it. 

Can greenstone bring luck?

Like any other charm or talisman, Pounamu is believed to bring the wearer a sort of protection or luck. It varies according to the type of design that’s given to you.

  • Toki: strength and power 
  • Koru: life, hope and new beginnings
  • Hei matua: safe travels, good health and prosperity

Maoris used to give pounamu for exchange. They believe that acquiring greenstone for oneself would bring bad luck. But as time changes, these traditions are no longer recognised. Many are beginning to buy greenstone jewellery for themselves, may it be for whatever purpose. 

Where to get greenstone jewellery?

Generally, Maori artifacts are prohibited for export such as the Pounamu. However, limitations don’t apply to articles that contain greenstone like jewellery, pendants or sculpture, and should be within the 5kg-limit. Greenstone is usually sent as a gift for Christenings, birthdays and other special occasions, so it would be perfect celebrating friends and family abroad. 

Shop around for designs here:

Shop NZ

Creative and Brave (overseas shipping to Australia only)

NZ Pacific 

Merino Wool 

Merino Wool is a kind of wool that’s obtained from Merino sheep found in the mountains of New Zealand and Australia. NZ is one of the biggest wool exporters next to Australia with 20% of the world’s wool export. They pride themselves for only producing the best Merino wool that’s softer and milder in texture.

Merino wool garments are commonly used for outerwear which also makes a stylish outfit especially for date nights. 

Where to find authentic NZ Merino wool?

If you’re looking for a quality gift for your loved ones overseas or you’re someone who collects wool fabrics, you can have them shipped abroad through these local shops in NZ:

The Wool Company 

New Zealand Merino and Fabrics

Mohair & Possum Store

All Blacks Merchandise

All Blacks represents New Zealand in the world of Rugby. They’re known for their unbeatable games against world-renowned teams such as Australia, France, and Brazil. Many recognise them for their infamous Haka performances that pay tribute to tradition, impressing fans from all over the world. It’s no surprise that All Blacks earned thousands of fans young and old. 

Where to get All Blacks Merch? 

If you’re interested to have your own All Blacks jersey, shirt, band, and socks, you may head over to these NZ-based shops that offer international shipping:

New Zealand Souvenirs

All Blacks Shop in partnership with Adidas 

These websites are also accessed using your mobile phones with just a few clicks. 

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