Top NZ Broadband Plans With FREE Internet

Date Apr 30, 2021
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By Staff Writer

Broadband plans in New Zealand have just gotten more affordable! Aside from super low prices, some internet providers even offer free internet for months from your plan. This should save you heaps of money from your annual internet contract!

If you’re looking for the best Broadband deals, then this list is for you! Check out the top broadband plans in New Zealand with free internet months. A quick tip, make sure to visit CompareBear’s comparison tool as some of these deals are exclusive here.

1-Month FREE: Skinny Wireless 4G Connection

If your location can only take advantage of wireless 4G signals, Skinny Wireless 4G broadband plans are the perfect choice for you! They offer them for as low as $45 per month with an extra $10 discount if you have an active Skinny mobile plan. You have to specifically have a $16 or above 4-weekly Skinny mobile plan to be eligible.

Speed Without a mobile plan With an active mobile plan
Capped 60GB 36/10Mbps $45 per month $35 per month
Capped 120GB 36/10Mbps $55 per month $45 per month
Uncapped 36/10Mbps $65 per month $55 per month

These plans all have the same specifications and inclusions which include:

  • Term: Open term
  • Router: $99
  • Router delivery fee: Free
  • Connection fee: Free
  • Termination fee: $0


1-Month FREE: Farmside Fibre, ADSL, VDSL

If you live away from the urban centres, Farmside offers fibre, ADSL, and VDSL broadband plans especially made for rural New Zealand. As long as you’re under a 24-month contract, you’re eligible for a month of free internet. Their broadband services are powered by Vodafone, so you can almost expect a fast and stable connection wherever you are.

Speed Price
Fibre Broadband Unlimited 100/20Mbps $89.99 per month
Fibre Broadband & Phone 110GB 100/20Mbps $89.99 per month
Fibre Broadband & Phone Unlimited 100/20Mbps $99.99 per month
ADSL/VDSL Broadband Unlimited Up to 24/8.5Mbps $84.99 per month
ADSL/VDSL Broadband & Phone 80GB Up to 24/8.5Mbps $84.99 per month
ADSL/VDSL Broadband & Phone Unlimited Up to 24/8.5Mbps $94.99 per month

For more comprehensive terms and conditions as well as available add-ons to your telephone line, contact Farmside directly. For now, check the plan inclusions right here.

  • Term: 24-month contract
  • Router: Free
  • Router delivery fee: $15
  • Connection fee: Free
  • Termination fee: Up to $299

2-Months FREE: Skinny Fixed Line Connection

If you can take advantage of fibre at your address, get a Skinny fibre broadband plan. Their plan starts at $73 per month with different options for your internet speed, depending on your location. While they also offer this with no contracts, you can only get the two months FREE broadband deal with their 12-month contract.

Speed Price
Unlimited Fibre 30 30/10Mbps $73 per month
Unlimited Fibre 100 100/20Mbps $78 per month
Unlimited Fibre 200 200/20Mbps $88 per month
Unlimited Fibre Ultra 900/500Mbps $98 per month

Aside from these inclusions, add-ons and bundles for mobile and power are also available. You just need to ask Skinny to know more about your options.

  • Term: 12-month contract
  • Router: Free (worth $199 for no-contract)
  • Router delivery fee: Free 
  • Connection fee: Free (worth $49 for no-contract)
  • Termination fee: $199 (Free for no-contract)

2-Months FREE: Farmside RBI Wireless

For places where there’s no fixed line installed yet, Farmside RBI Wireless offers comprehensive plans for your needs. If you sign up for their 120GB or 200GB plan for 24 months, you get 2 months of free internet. Plus, they come with RBI wireless data boosters available from midnight to 5 pm for as low as $15.

Speed Price
RBI Wireless Broadband 120GB 16/2Mbps $95.99 per month
RBI Wireless Broadband & Phone 120GB 16/2Mbps $105.99 per month
RBI Wireless Broadband 200GB 16/2Mbps $155.99 per month
RBI Wireless Broadband & Phone 200GB 16/2Mbps $165.99 per month

Aside from 120 and 200GB options, you can also get an RBI Wireless Broadband 30GB but you’re not eligible for the 2 months free internet. For further enquiries, just contact Farmside.

  • Term: 24-month contract
  • Router: Free
  • Router delivery fee: $15
  • Connection fee: $799
  • Termination fee: Up to $299


3-Months FREE: Bigpipe Fast, Turbo, Starter, Expert, Pro, Elite

Looking for a no-fuss and straightforward broadband plan? Switch to a Bigpipe broadband plan now! If you commit to their 12-month contract, each of their plans and price point comes with 3 months of free broadband! Whatever deal is available at your address, you can always connect to fast and reliable internet.

Speed Price
Fast ADSL 20/1Mbps $79 per month
Turbo VDSL 60/18Mbps $89 per month
Starter UFB 100/20Mbps $79 per month
Expert UFB 100/100Mbps $89 per month
Pro UFB 200/20Mbps $99 per month
Elite UFB 900/500Mbps $109 per month

For the inclusions of their plans, here’s a quick list. Known for their naked broadband plans, they don't have the option for a telephone line or any add-ons.

  • Term: 12-month contract
  • Router: Free
  • Router delivery fee: $14
  • Connection fee: Free
  • Termination fee: Up to $199

3-Months FREE: Slingshot 150GB, Unlimited, Unlimited Gigantic

Another broadband provider that offers 3 months of free broadband is Slingshot! Unlike other plans on this list, they offer this deal both to their 12 or 24-month contract across all plans. Whether you’re simply looking for capped or wanting to go unlimited, you can always get their 3-months free internet in your plan.

Speed Price
150GB 100/20Mbps $69.95 per month
Unlimited 100/20Mbps $84.95 per month
Unlimited Gigantic 900/450Mbps $99.95 per month

If you bundle your power, you can even get an extra 10% discount! As they offer some of the best deals and inclusions, they’re one of the best selling plans in New Zealand. 

  • Term: 12 or 24-month contract
  • Router: Free rental or BYO
  • Router delivery fee: $14.95
  • Connection fee: Free
  • Termination fee: $250

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