Top 20 Ways To Make Money Online

Date Nov 13, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Ever wondered how to make money online? If you're really determined to find the right online side job to earn extra money, read on to learn more.

The internet has brought us a lot of convenience in our personal and professional life. One of the biggest benefits of having fast broadband is being able to work online! Aside from your full-time work, you can score some great online jobs that you can do during your free time!

Make your downtime more productive with an online side hustle. You never lack options when it comes to what you can do too! Here are some of the most popular online jobs that guarantee good money.

1. Write freelance content

Do you have a knack for writing? Be a freelance web content writer! Depending on your years of experience and level of expertise, you can earn anywhere from $20 - $50 per hour! A standard article has 500-800 words, so this can set you at around $300 for two articles! You can post your profile via LinkedIn, or create an account on freelancing platforms as Upwork to get started.

2. Proofread articles

Are you a master of grammar and spelling? Then make money proofreading online! Just like writers, proofreaders can set their own rates. However, they need to prove their mastery through a series of tests provided by the client. If you've had experiences with writing, you can easily work with your network and do proofreading on top of your writing gigs, too.

3. Offer design services

Are you proficient in making, designing, and editing photos, videos, 3D graphics, motion pictures, and other creative outputs? Depending on the nature of work, your rate may vary per project. To attract clients, you may build your online portfolio on websites such as Behance and PosterGully.

4. Teach English remotely

Do you have the drive to teach English to kids and beginners? You don’t need teaching experience to start this side hustle; you just have to prove your fluency with advance proficiency TOEIC score. Depending on the company, you may have to prepare your lesson plan and visual aids. This is worth the labour, however, as you can earn up to USD25 per hour for your services.

5. Teach your expertise online

Are you an expert in marketing, social media management, or SEO? Help other aspirants in their journey by becoming an online mentor! You can host paid webinars to discuss a series of topics. You can utilise social media to gain an audience and post prices, payment details, date, and time of your webinar.

6. Create online courses

If you’re really committed to teaching others, create an online coursework. Instead of discussing one topic at a time, you can make a comprehensive course with quizzes at the end of every module. After this, you can post this educational coursework on Udemy and other educational websites.

7. Transcribe videos

Time to use your typing skills to good use! A lot of media companies need transcribing of their films, informational videos, and even vlogs! TranscribeMe is one of the most popular paid platforms for transcribers. They pay anywhere from USD15-USD22 per audio hour, with legal and medical tasks rating higher. If you’re also skilled in translation, it’s also a great way to earn even more money.

8. Stream on Twitch

Do you have the skills and the wits to broadcast your game to the gaming community? Twitch has over 4 million users, and it’s a good way to expand your reach. Having an extensive influence in the community can earn you sponsorships and partnerships, on top of gaining anywhere from USD10,000-40,000 per year.

9. Be a playtester

Are you analytical when it comes to video games? Be a playtester! From the name itself, you’re tasked to test the game over and over again until you provide feedback to improve the game. A tough and time-consuming work of playing the game repeatedly can set you up to USD67,813 per year!

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10. Create YouTube videos

Are you interested in making videos? Upload it on YouTube! It can be anywhere from educational videos, daily vlogs, music videos, and covers — your options are endless! While it may be hard to stay above the competition, it’s worth taking the risk! 

Determining your pay on YouTube is determined by the number of subscribers, number of viewers, ad placements, sponsorships partnerships, among others, Making it big on the platform can pay you up to USD26 million a year!

11. Be a website tester

If games go through rigorous testing before launch, so do websites! Website testers need to examine every text, buttons, redirections, and sign-ups on every webpage. If it’s an eCommerce website, you may need to follow every step until purchase. Each testing of 10-20 minute duration can pay up to USD10.

12. Take online surveys

Surveys aren’t always on top of your mind if you want to earn money online. While it won’t bring you the big bucks like others on this list, it’s an easy way to earn money in a short period. Junkie is a popular survey website, with 24/7 commissions. Each survey consists of 50-450 points; 100 points equal to USD1.

13. Become an Instagram influencer

Instagram is a great way to extend your influence. With over 112.5 million active users, you can gain a following, which can gain you different partnerships, sponsorships, and exclusive deals. Your earning largely depends on your following and partnerships. It's a good side hustle if you can cultivate the content and personality to make it work.

14. Sell your photos

Your photos can be of great use by selling them! While it’s great to expose them on your social media sites, why not sell them to stock photo websites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, Pixabay, or Unsplash. If you’re a videographer, you can sell stock footage on VideoHive, Pond5, and Dissolve, to name a few. Depending on the content of the photo or video,  you can sell a couple of them for around USD100-500.

15. Create a podcast

Do you like sharing your opinions, discussing topics, or conducting interviews? A podcast is a great medium to share your ideas to the world. The great thing is you have plenty of platforms to share them. It can be anywhere from Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, and more! If your podcast gains over 10,000 downloads and listens, you can earn anywhere from USD500-USD900 per episode!

16. Narrate audiobooks

The demand for audiobooks keeps on growing, which makes it a good way to earn money online!  If you can make words come to life through your voice, try narration! Earn as much as USD100 for each finished audio hour. If you have the equipment and the experience, your earnings can climb up USD500 per finished audio hour!

17. Launch an online store

Can you make arts and crafts? Do you have pre-loved items collecting dust in your cupboards? Sell them through your own online store! You don’t have to do crazy coding to put your items in online marketplaces; you can simply make your own page on social media sites or list them on different platforms. Of course, earnings may vary depending on what you sell and how much you sold.

18. Invest in cryptocurrency

You’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency at least once in your life. If you’ve never invested in one, this may be the best time to start now. As with any other kinds of investment, this involves a risky process, but promises great returns if done right. You can educate yourself through various cryptocurrency content websites like BitDegree and Binance Academy.

19. Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is tasked with administrative, clerical, bookkeeping, and other office jobs for businesses. This is a great side gig, especially as many companies are going remote nowadays. Depending on your tasks and experience, you can earn as much as USD35 per hour. The great thing is, some companies pay for a fast internet plan so you can work efficiently as a VA.

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20. Offer freelance services

If you want to earn money at the comfort of your home, going freelance is the way to go! Offer services for your expertise, ranging from web development, programming, financial advising, SEO, PR, consultancy, accounting, and more! Pay depends on the nature of the job, so it may vary greatly. 

Work without interruptions

The most essential tool when working on your online side hustle is fast internet! It allows you to work without interruptions, which can increase your productivity. Before starting a side gig online, make sure you have a speedy and trusty broadband plan.

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