Road Trip NZ: Long Drive Checklist For Your Car

Date Oct 21, 2020
Blog category car insurance
By Staff Writer

This Labour Day, it’s time to enjoy your well-deserved downtime by taking a long drive across the country. Camp out, be one with nature, and free your mind from the stress of work. 

The best part is, you can enjoy your rest a little bit longer as October 26th falls on a Monday — which means it’s a long weekend! But how does one prepare for a long drive in New Zealand?Before hitting the road, make sure that your car is in the best condition for a long trip with this guide.

Do basic engine, brakes, and tyre check-ups

Make it a habit to do basic check-ups before going on a road trip. Inflate your tyres according to the recommended PSI, and top up all your engine fluids. To ensure a safer ride, it’s best to test your brake mechanisms — from the pedals to gears under the hood.

Most of all, check if all your lights are working properly. Do a round check-up from the exterior such as headlights, taillights, and signal lights, to the interior like dome lights, entry lights, and floor lights. This is particularly useful for night drives in the NZ wilderness.

Keep your car’s interior in best condition

Cars aren’t all about what’s under the hood — it’s also about what’s inside! Recheck your airbags, seat belts, pads, ACs, and cushions. For a smoother drive, it’s best to prepare some extra seat belts, sun protectors, cords, and cleaning materials.

Plus, the long drive isn’t complete without a playlist! Make sure to download your playlist ahead, and not rely on the internet as there may be places where reception is weak. Blast your jams inside the car, and vibe along with the music as you drive.

Remember to bring your tools and spare tyres

Just in case, bring your tools and spare tyres! You never know what will happen on the road, so it’s highly advisable to come prepared for anything. Pack a set of jumper cables, early warning device, tire pressure gauges, along with your usual tools.

Aside from the mechanic tools, it’s also important to bring a first aid kit, complete with medicines for car sickness, antiseptic, gauses, band-aids, and more. Of course, it’s best if you can’t use these tools and kits, but you can never go wrong with coming in ready.

Prepare must-have items for your kids

A long weekend is the perfect time to bond with your children! Before bringing them for a picnic, make sure that your kids are safe throughout your ride. Don’t forget kiddie necessities such as a baby carrier, child car seat, and lots of ready-to-eat snacks — you’ll need it, trust us!

Make sure to empty your memory cards before hitting the road, too! Record all those moments, so you can have something to look back on as your kids grow up. To not run out of memory, throw in some extra memory cards, cables, and chargers as well.

Don’t forget to pack your COVID-19 essentials

Although New Zealand has won the fight against COVID-19 so far, we still need to observe the physical distancing rules at every alert level. For your long weekend drive, pack some COVID-19 essentials like alcohols, hand sanitizers, disinfectants, and face masks.

To be safer, it’s recommended to clean your car every time you go outside. It’s also best to disinfect your car once in a while, especially if you’ve interacted with anyone outside of your social bubble.

Learn more about the NZ General cleaning and disinfection advice on their health website.

Prepare for the unexpected with car insurance

You can never be too sure on the road. No matter how careful you are, there’s still a possibility of road mishaps and accidents that can damage your car. This can affect other people’s cars and lead to severe injuries, and even death!

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