Compare: Discounted Airfares With Air New Zealand And Jetstar For 2020-2021

Date Nov 19, 2020
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2020 isn’t over yet, which means you can still achieve your travel goals this year — albeit mostly local! Just in time for the summer, two of the largest airlines in New Zealand — Air New Zealand and Jetstar — have announced big domestic sales with travel dates running until August 2021! 

For this coming holiday season, see the best destinations in NZ for as low as $25 one way! Here’s a closer look at your department and arrival routes for each airline.


Jetstar has announced over 70,00 discounted seats, with over 10,000 seats costing as low as $25 one-way! To address travel measures amidst the pandemic, they allow you to cancel your booking through FareCredit. You can buy this at the time of booking. It will give you a credit voucher in exchange for the value of your flight and in-flight extras.

One-way flights to/from these NZ routes costs:

Auckland - Wellington $25 one way
Auckland - Christchurch $25 one way
Auckland - Dunedin $55 one way
Auckland - Queenstown $59 one way
Christchurch - Wellington $25 one way

You can purchase these flights in the Jetstar New Year Sale, ending on November 21 unless prior sold out. Travel dates include mid-February to late March 2021, early May to early July 2021, and late July to late August 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has announced their biggest summer sale with more than 140,000 discounted seats! For only under $89, you can score airfare bargains in over 20 hot locations across NZ. All fares listed below are Seat only. Sea+Bag, Flexitime, Flexidate are all available at an additional cost.

One-way flights to/from these NZ routes costs:

Auckland - Kerikeri, Napier, New Plymouth, Rotorua, Taupo, Tauranga, Whangarei, Blenheim, Christchurch $49 one way
Auckland - Gisborne, Nelson, Palmerston North, Wellington $59 one way
Auckland - Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown $89 one way
Wellington - Blenheim, Christchurch, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North $49 one way
Wellington - Dunedin, Gisborne, Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga, Timaru, Queenstown $59 one way
Wellington - Invercargill $79 one way
Christchurch - Dunedin, Hokitika, Nelson, Queenstown $49 one way
Christchurch - Auckland, Invercargill, Napier, New Plymouth, Palmerston North $59 one way
Christchurch - Hamilton, Rotorua, Tauranga $69 one way

You can purchase these flights on Air NZ’s website. Travel dates include mid-November 2020 to late February 2021. Terms and conditions apply.

Is there a flight going to Cook Islands? 

Experience the Pacific in your holiday vacation in Rarotonga! Both Jetstar and Air New Zealand offer flights to Cook Islands in a specific time, date, and airport due to its remote location. However, both airlines haven’t announced discounted seats to the Cook Islands as of this date. You may wait for further updates and notices from both these airlines, if they ever choose to launch discounted flights.

If you still want to visit even without the discounted rates, simply visit the airline’s respective websites. They have specific dates, flight details, departure and arrival dates, as well as prices. Details may vary depending on the route of the plane, flight times, and stops.

What are travel precautionary measures for COVID-19?

While domestic travel has finally opened up across New Zealand, the threat of COVID-19 is not going anywhere. The country is still under Alert Level 1, meaning it’s still advisable to wear masks and keep track of your interactions.

Read: New Zealand’s Physical Distancing Rules for Every Alert Level

Air NZ’s CEO assures Kiwis that their crew will still wear masks and face coverings to avoid possible COVID-19 transmission. For travellers, while physical distancing won’t be strictly observed inside the plane, masks and face coverings are still essential.

Which airline can I save money?

All discounted deals of both these airlines are such rare finds! It’s hard to find domestic flights for as low as $25 for a one-way ticket — that’s why all the offerings of these airlines are great value for money!

Jetstar offers slightly lower prices compared to Air New Zealand. The caveat is, there are only a few destinations available. Plus, you can only score these big markdowns for a limited time, with a high chance of tickets getting sold out.

On the other hand, Air New Zealand offers a tad bit higher prices. Great news is, you can score tickets until further notice from the airline! You also have a wide array of destinations to choose from, meaning more options for your holiday vacation.

Can I get these at even lower prices?

Both airlines are yet to announce markdowns from these already-discounted prices. What’s certain is, Air New Zealand is joining this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday! They may list down big discounts on these sale flights anytime! They may also give you credit vouchers, which you can use to purchase in-flight extras and benefits!

Grab the chance to score these domestic flights with even bigger discounts! Always remain up-to-date for whenever both airlines release sale notifications whether through their website, email, or social media. Stay connected with a fast and reliable broadband plan, and never miss out any of these travel promos!

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