Top 5 Best Value Mobile Plans in NZ

Date Sep 24, 2020
Blog category Mobile Phone
By Staff Writer

The best value mobile plans will never do you wrong because you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for. NZ providers offer the best prices for Kiwis, promising affordable prices without sacrificing quality; over the years, competition among providers has increased, with the balance between great quality and pricing as the main driver. 

Should you switch, upgrade, or stay on your current plan? Mobile plans may appear similar to one another but there’s always one that suits your budget and preferences the most. Here are our picks on the best value mobile plans in NZ today.

1. Prepaid Plans

You pay for your mobile phone services upfront when you have a prepaid plan. This becomes advantageous when you’re the type who doesn’t like unexpected charges and who likes staying on your monthly budget. 

  • Skinny’s $16 Rollover Plan: This plan offers nearly everything you can find in other mobile prepaid plans with slightly higher prices. For only $16 per month, you’ll get 1.25GB Rollover, 200 Rollover minutes & unlimited texts (for NZ and Australia), and unlimited Skinny-to-Skinny calls. 

  • 2dgrees: All prepay plans have Carryover data, 1 hour free data every day, and free NZ Voicemail. For only $19 monthly, you’ll get access to 1.25GB Rollover data, 200 Rollover minutes, and 1 hour of free data. 

2. Open Term Monthly Mobile Plans

A postpaid plan is a great alternative if you want to stay on your monthly budget but would also like more flexibility in your mobile plan. After all, you might never know when you’ll need some extra data and a few more minutes of calls! A postpaid plan lets you pay for what you consume at the end of the month, and though you’re paying for a fixed amount you can also exceed your monthly limits whenever necessary. 

  • Spark’s $59.99/month: Compared to 2degrees and Vodafone which have nearly the same pricing, Spark’s Endless Mobile for $59.99/month offers unlimited data, unlimited calls and texts (NZ and Australia), and other perks. 

3. Unlimited Mobile Data Plans

Unlimited mobile data plans are very useful for Kiwis who want to make the most of their data but would also want to manage how much they spend monthly on their plan. You don’t have to worry about data caps, bandwidth, or additional costs - and this is just perfect for your online surfing needs. Compared to other kinds of plans, you can use as much as data as you want so if you’re a heavy data consumer, unlimited mobile data plans are just right for you. Among the lot, we’ve picked Vodafone as worth mentioning:

  • Vodafone: Vodafone Endless Data Pay Monthly plan can have as much as 100GB of Max Speed Data! If you’ve exceeded the Max Speed Data allowance, you’ll still get 1.2Mbps which lets you to stream and to hotspot until your plan refreshes the next month. You don’t have to worry about having your online surfing cut if you’ve gone above the maximum speed data on your monthly plan. 

4. Roaming Mobile Data Plan

With a roaming plan, you can stay connected in various destinations outside of New Zealand; so if you’re quite the globe trotter, getting a roaming mobile data plan is convenient. 

With CompareBear, you can get access to exclusive deals on roaming plans from different NZ providers such as Spark and Vodafone: two of the biggest mobile and roaming plans providers in New Zealand. 

Among others, Spark gets you connected in over 44 destinations around the world, and you simply need to add their Roaming Pack to your prepaid or postpaid monthly plan. If you want to check out other roaming plans from other providers, simply visit our mobile plans providers page.

5. Over $60 to $80 plans

The best value doesn’t always come in cheap clothing. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and spend more on your mobile plan, then going above $60 to $80 should be enough to give you a generous amount of data and perks. 

Among others, 2degrees and Spark offer the best value mobile plan for those willing to go beyond $80. 2degrees can offer as much as 40GB and for only around $85 per month, and Spark can offer 40GB with additional perks such as free Spotify and Netflix, among others, for $100 per month.

Get the best value mobile plans with CompareBear!

Affordable pricing and great quality give you the best value mobile plans - and NZ providers are clamoring to deliver both. There are so many mobile plans today, and you can get overwhelmed with the promises attached to each. 

CompareBear can help you to make a selection of the best value mobile plan that suits your needs and budget. If your current plan isn’t working for you, then it's never too late to switch to another! Simply head on to our comparison page and check out mobile plans from various NZ providers.