12 Ways to Save on Utilities and More

Date Oct 19, 2020
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By Staff Writer

Saving money is serious business and you’ll need to be more holistic when checking the costs. It’s not only about the utility bills because you might be creating a ripple effect from other forms of expenses. You might be saving on utility bills but immersing yourself in luxuries and various subscriptions. To save on utilities, you’ll need to widen your perspective so here are 12 ways to save on utilities from a bird’s eye view. 

1. Save on heaters. 

Heaters that you use in your home spike up the electricity bills - using them less can save you a lot of money! Alongside refrigerators, they’re a large part of residential electricity consumption and can cost a home with 3 people around $70 to $100 per year if each member takes too long in the shower everyday since you also use heaters in your shower.

While it feels good to soak under a hot shower, you might want to reduce the time you stay in the shower to save money on utilities. If the heaters are on 24/7 in your home then this also increases your bills especially during winter and cold weathers. 

You can maximize the sun whenever it’s out to give you natural light and heat. Instead of using your heater during the day, welcome natural warmth in your home instead!

2. Use the sun to dry clothes.

Another great way to seize the day is to let sunlight dry your clothes. After washing your clothes, line them outside when the sun’s out and find a great spot where it hits the most. You’ll get them dried up in no time! Only use your dryer whenever it’s raining or when the weather isn’t warm enough to dry your clothes. Using the sun to dry your clothes can help you to save extra money from your electricity bill.

3. Use LED bulbs.

According to the EECA, more Kiwis have switched to using LED bulbs in 2019 as shown in the spike in sales from around 248,500 in 2015 to around  604,000 in April 2019. LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs and can therefore help you save more. This is because they emit more light than heat which is quite the opposite in the case of incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are also climate-friendlier than incandescent bulbs because of the reduced energy use. Switching to LED bulbs helps you to save money and to lessen your carbon footprint!

4. Choose your subscriptions wisely. 

You can save up to $750 a year when you cancel subscriptions that aren’t working for you and switch to those that fit your preferences. Go over your current subscriptions and see which among them you’re regularly using. If you’re not actively using some of your subscriptions, then it’s best to cancel them because they’ll unnecessarily cost you. 

5. Get a cheaper car insurance policy.

There are so many car insurance policies today that might drive you in the wrong direction especially if you want to protect your car. The money that you’re spending in the wrong policy could’ve been allotted to your utility bill as well. 

Car insurance providers such as Cove, and State can provide cheaper car insurance policies with flexible payment options, multiple policy discounts, add-on extras which are only optional, and other features that help you save money for other important expenses at home.

6. Switch to cheaper credit cards.

Credit card bills are another source of the monthly worries when you want to save on utilities. You can switch to a cheaper credit card by choosing deals that have low interest fees and/or don’t apply an overwhelming number of fees. 

7. Get the best value mobile plans in NZ.

Getting the most out of your mobile plan won’t only save you money but will also make you a satisfied customer because you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for. When you have a prepaid plan, you'll stick to your monthly budget because you’re going to pay for mobile phone services upfront. Which mobile plan can help you to save more? Find out when you compare them side by side using our comparison tool

8. Make a monthly budget.

Planning ahead will always get you on track of your goals, so if you’re aiming to save on utilities, a monthly budget can help you manage your household finances. A monthly budget will also show you which costs you can cut down so that you can adjust your lifestyle and consumption. 

9. Bundle your power and broadband.

Instead of paying for your utility bills separately from different providers, you can bundle them in a single bill from one provider. Many broadband providers are more than willing to give you a discount when you bundle power and broadband. This helps you save on utilities and manage your monthly expenses as you’ll be able to see both power and broadband costs in a single transaction. 

10. Maximize natural energy whenever possible.

Whenever you can, utilize natural energy to your advantage so that you can minimize power costs. Wind and solar energy can help you in simple but significant ways to save on utilities such as drying clothes and heating your home during daytime.

11. Watch out for energy zombies.

Energy zombies are appliances that consume electricity even when they’re switched off! This could be your television, water heater, and other appliances at home. The best route to avoid energy zombies lurking about in your household is to simply unplug appliances and devices when they’re not in use. 

12. Cook more, eat out less.

Eating out can be costly; and while this is convenient, it’s not a necessity unless you really have no time to make your meals on your own. When you regularly eat out, you’re also paying for the utility costs and labor in making your meal on top of the value of the meal itself - and this isn’t a good practice because you’re actually spending a whole lot more. 

Eating out is alright if it’s occasional but costly if it’s done everyday. Whenever you can, cook your own meals at home to help you save more money to pay off your utility bills.

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